Low-Fat Oatmeal Banana Nut Bread


I am a HUGE fan of banana bread. I really do not think a person can go wrong when they whip up this tasty treat. I just made a banana nut bread recipe last weekend but it did not fill my banana nut bread void. The last recipe I tried had a strong apple flavor because I substituted applesauce for the fat and it basically overwhelmed the banana flavor. In this recipe, all the flavors were right. The bread was moist enough to melt in your mouth and contained bursts of banana-y goodness ( descriptive, I know ha).
 PLEASE try this recipe today! You will not regret it! I must give credit to the blog of Joy the Baker. She constructed this recipe from a Weight Watchers version and I have had the urge to try it for several weeks now. I added walnuts to her original version because I love the crunch and addition of healthy fats to the recipe. The walnuts do add a few additional calories and grams of fat but it’s healthy fat that your heart will thank you for!  So, whether you want to add a slice to you breakfast in the morning paired with a glass of milk and some fruit OR savor a slice as an afternoon snack, you simply cannot go wrong.


     The aroma from the oven is devine, so be prepared to have your mouth watering when this bread leaves the oven. I’m surprised I had the willpower to cut and photograph without trying a slice first

      Trying my best to capture the crispy crust and moist center. Yum yum yum…

 Oatmeal Banana Nut Bread
Adapted from JoytheBaker
1 1/4 c. All-Purpose Flour
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 tsp canola oil
1 large egg, beaten
2 medium egg whites, beaten
4 medium overripe bananas
1 c. uncooked Old Fashioned Oats
1/3 c. chopped walnuts
Preheat the oven 350 degrees and spray 1 loaf pan with cooking spray. Combine all dry ingredients including the oats and cinnamon. Mash bananas in a separate bowl, adding the oil and 1 whole egg. Mix thoroughly. Add the wet ingredients into the dry flour mixture. Mix well, forms a thick batter. With a hand mixer, beat the egg whites until medium stiff peaks form. Fold the whites into the batter in three separate additions. Fold in chopped walnuts last. Pour into prepared loaf pan and bake 45-50 mins. Allow to cool 5 minutes and then flip out onto a wire rack.
Nutritional information per slice (10 slices per loaf): 221 calories, 5.4 grams fat (0.8 grams saturated fat), 44.8 grams carbs, 3.5 g fiber, 5.3 grams protein


11 comments to Low-Fat Oatmeal Banana Nut Bread

  • Sarah

    I made this last night, it was by far the most moist and tasty banana bread I’ve ever made! I added some dried cranberries and substituted healthy coconut oil for the canola oil. Sooo declicious!

  • Shari

    Just made this while we’re snowed in in NH today. The BEST banana bread I’ve ever made – even better than my mums!! Thanks so much for the recipe – definitely a keeper :)

  • I just made this, and it is delicious! It was surprisingly difficult for me to find a version that didn’t include butter or milk (I’m very lactose intolerant), and this was a great find!

  • Yummy!

    I made the oatmeal banana nut bread receipe today and it was great! I used agave nectar instead of brown sugar. I also used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup white flour instead of the 1 1/4 cup of white flour suggested in the receipe. I also added more walnuts. All I can say is yummy! What a good way to make use of over ripe bananas. Thanks!

  • Gloria

    Just put this in the oven. Used whole wheat flour plus added dried cranberries and organic macadamia nuts I just received from a friend in Hawaii. Had to use steel cut oats since I didn’t have the old fashioned oats. Anticipation is building.

  • Ladies and gents, this would work fine with whole-wheat flour. I know because I sub. it for regular flour all the time in recipes such as this (not to mention scones–yummy yummy!) and it always turns out wonderfully. If you are nervous and have a little regular flour, try using mostly whole-wheat, but using up to half white flour instead of whole wheat.

    Now, what I REALLY came down to the comments to say, before I saw all the whole wheat comments:

    This is EXACTLY the type of recipe I was looking for–these ingredients, but reassuring me that you don’t need more sugar than flour in a banana bread these days! I’m going to try this NOW, with whole wheat!


  • RBrown

    I’m curious about the whole wheat flour as well. I only have whole wheat flour at home and I have the rest of the ingredients, but I know whole wheat flour is more dense than regular white all purpose, so I don’t want to mess it up. Thoughts?

  • Terrie


  • Claudia

    I have baked this banana bread recipe 3 times so far and each time it’s been a hit with my friends and co-workers. This is a keeper for me!

  • These are in the over right this minute!! :) I can’t wait to taste them! I made mini loaves and added chocolate chips to one of the loaves to try and convince my husband to have some!

  • Oh my God – I am so making this. I just posted a banana recipe I made myself – but I have loads of rotten nanners to use up ;)

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