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Throughout the week, I have been striving to bring positive messages as a little inspiration to get through the day. So what better way to end the week, then by bringing you one more perfectly positive message?

It’s incredibly difficult to keep a positive attitude 100% of the time. There are just moments in life that you can feel discouraged and unsure. I have been very blessed in my life and I am incredibly thankful, but there were still moments this past year where I lacked positive energy; passing up a new job opportunity, post-poning a move, having low self esteem, lack of interest in my blog, and feeling stagnant in my current job. Luckily, I have an amazing support system that has encouraged me to keep my head up and realize that life will take the course it was meant to take! And ya know what? Things are turning around for me; I have lots of new ideas for my blog, I have a new friend at work that has made my days more manageable, and my self-esteem is back where it needs to be!

On THAT note, I want to encourage anyone who is going through a “rough point” in their lives to keep your chin up. Life has a funny way of turning around when you least expect it. The key to keeping a positive attitude is surrounding yourself with positive people!

The goal of my website is to be one of those affirmative forces and help accentuate the good in your life. It is my hope that the motivation I share will help shape a healthier, happier, and stronger you for the rest of your life! I want you to feel surrounded with thoughts that demonstrate how to embrace the beauty of eating healthy, WHOLE foods, find confidence that comes when you begin to love yourself, and discover the joy of keeping an active lifestyle!

On this beautiful Friday, I want you to feel positive about your efforts so far, whether it be in weight-loss, parenthood, your job–and exude that positivity so it rubs off on others!! Give others valuable reinforcement; let your husband know you are proud of him, tell your child how creative they are, or give your coworker a compliment on their work!

No matter where you are in life, there is always room to be perfectly positive. If you keep a perfectly positive attitude, you will be able to accomplish anything!

Healthy Positives Worth Sharing:

  • Bring a friend with you to the gym or on a walk. It’s always more fun to be active with others and motivate each other!!
  • Engage your child in healthy eating; encourage a wide variety of foods daily, exploring new textures and tastes! Get them to help in the kitchen!
  • Potluck at work? Bring something healthy and have others do so as well!! Not only will you be working on building friendships but you’ll be keeping your weight in check!
  • Rather than saying “NO” to tv or video games, engage in activities that you and your spouse can enjoy together.
  • If you have a friend struggling with her weight, be a good listener! Empathize with her feelings on self image and stress that you will love her no matter what her size! Be there with her on her weight-loss journey! She will need the encouragement!

Question: How do you help set a positive example?

Are you a daily reader that has never left a comment? If not, please say hello! I love hearing from readers (whether you have your own blog or not!), comments give me encouragement to keep up my site and get ideas for new posts!!


23 comments to Perfectly Positive…

  • I’m a positive person and I even got an award from my friends last year. I was nominated as the Most Positive Person :D how fun!(we had a Xmas party and everyone got nominations). I also think Mr Churchill was a wise man.

  • I just found your blog, but this post about staying positive is exactly what I needed. Thank you.

  • I could definitely stand to be more positive at times. Thanks for the reminder to look on the bright side :)

  • OH I love that second quote about being an optimist!! So true. I try to look at the positive side of every situation, and at work we are taught to take any complaint and think of a solution for it. I love this approach. Rather than complaining to our managers, we state the problem and our possible solution. It’s great!

    I help set a positive example by not letting the little things get to me. Basically, I try to “not sweat the small stuff”. And, if someone complains to me, I turn it into something positive, if I can!

  • awwww dear, thanks for the lovely post! i definitely believe we can choose our attitudes, not let our emotions dictate how we feel or how we react to things. it’s a struggle sometimes, but definitely worth fighting for! negativity doesn’t help any, even when we think we “deserve” it. ha!

  • This post came at just the right time for me. I’ve actually had sort of a rough week — and not really for any legitimate reason. It just seemed like a bunch of little things kept happening, and I found myself become more and more negative as the week wore on. At the end of the week, I vowed to make a conscious effort to make next week a more positive one, and the quotes you shared in this post are a great reminder of that. Thanks!

  • Thanks! I was in need of a little boost, and your post was just what I needed. :)

    I try to set a positive example by “practicing what I preach.” I’m a dental student, so for me, this means flossing daily, brushing twice daily, eating healthfully and watching my sugar intake. My oral hygiene was good even before I got into dental school, but my eating has definitely improved – I didn’t think I could reasonably provide nutritional advice to patients when I looked like I stuffed myself with chocolate bars all day.

  • This was beautiful and I love the positivity that just radiates from it. I really needed to read this today so thank you! I’ve been trying to set a positive example by being more positive myself. It helps!

  • You don’t need encouragement to keep it up girl – your doing just fine :) ….did you write this post for me!? LOL – gosh cause y’know I needed it. The first one – I’ve read some stuff in a book that ‘guy’….smart man, no?

  • I love reading this post. It brought a smile to my face. I sometimes struggle with being positive. I definitely think it is important to surround yourself with positive people. When I am around friends and family, I feel so happy!
    Thank you for this post. It made my Friday!

  • I LOVE all your positive quotes- they’re always such a great reminder of how I want to be living! :)

  • What a beautiful post!!! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s so funny because I just wrote a similar post but not quite as nice as yours! :)

    I will def be back for more! xoxo

  • I love this post today!
    I do read your blog regularly, and haven’t commented as much as I should. (Sometimes it’s easier to read than type if I have a baby in one arm. ;-) )

  • i think the best thing is to really try to see the beauty around us. in church one time someone made a point of rather than being annoyed because they person singing next to you sounds awful, be THANKFUL that you have the ability to hear them at all. i feel like that sums it up pretty well :)

  • What an inspiring way to start the weekend!

  • This is such an important post. Its so important to deal with things and look at things in a positive light. Negativity never helps!

  • I love both of those quotes! And I hope to be a positive influence to little M and also hope that my blog is a positive influence. Thanks for the uplifting message!

  • Positivity is so important in living a happy life! Whenever I’m down I let myself write out a little rant, then calm myself down by listing all the things I have to be positive about instead!

  • I love this post!! Keeping a positive attitude makes even the sucky things suck less. :)

  • Great post! There are so many ways to live positively, and so often we choose the opposite (not only hurting our spirits, but also our health!) Whenever I invite people over for dinner, I always serve a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit (along some delicious baked goods, of course). But I want to encourage healthy eating and a balanced diet. I am trying to be more positive in my interaction with friends and family. I need to stop complaining about the difficulties in life and start rejoicing in the blessings!

  • Whenever a friend mentions starting running, I love talkign to them about it or helping them decide on a race or training plan. It makes me feel good that they share the news with me because they know I’ll love hearing about it. :)

  • I love this entire post :) So many good quotes and thoughts. I like the list of healthy positives. I’ve found that I really like having a workout buddy, as you mentioned, being able to shares tips and exercises with one another.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi! I’ve been reading your blog since summer. Loved your posts on “one month to be your best self”. I have been a consistent “fidget-cizer” ever since. My husband laughs everytime he finds me in the bathroom brushing my teeth and doing leg lifts. :) Thanks for your blog.

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