Share YOUR Scale Relationship (Series)

Happy Friday everyone! Today kicks off my “Share YOUR Scale Relationship” series!

I have asked 6 blogger friends to share their own personal relationship WITH or WITHOUT the scale! I thought it would be interesting to hear different viewpoints on the matter (since you all know that I recently Got RID OF THE SCALE), so expect a new installment every Friday for the next few weeks! First up is Jessica from Eat, Drink, Breathe, Sweat!

On making friends with the mirror

Hi Healthy Apron readers!! I’m thrilled to be guest blogging here for you all – and on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart: finding confidence and maintaining balance without needing that number on the scale for validation.

When Erin asked me to participate in her guest blog series on confidence, I was all over it. Mostly because I only recently discovered confidence and a real sense of comfort in my own skin. All without ever knowing what the number on the scale says.

How on earth did I get to this happy place, you ask?

Well, I’ll let you in on my secret: it all came down to a real focus on building mental strength. It started out as a way for me to focus on training for my next half marathon in a way that would leave me feeling proud of the race I run vs. focusing on making a certain PR time (and yet another number!). And that focus on mental strength was also applied to a new style of working out (for me) that I’ve since fallen in love with – because, aside from running, it’s the only workout that has built up not only my physical strength but my mental strength and endurance at the same time.

That style of workout is a barre-style of working out (I’m sure many of you have heard of Exhale Spa’s Core Fusion; the local studio near me, called barre n9ne, is similar in style and is incredibly challenging, and totally life-changing). It focuses on lengthening with strengthening and finding that mind/body connection to get you through some tough moves that you might not otherwise push yourself through. This has been the key for me – focusing on mental endurance. Trusting my body to do the work, trusting it to do what my mind thinks is not possible. Something that has paired nicely with my half marathon training – and focusing on believing that my body can and will carry me all 13.1 miles to that finish line…and with a smile on my face. That’s my goal – to finish what I started, and with a smile, not a wimper.

It’s through this experience of mine – pairing running with barre n9ne workouts – that has given me confidence and mental strength. In me. And it’s because I’ve grown to trust my body that I’ve grown to love that body that gets me through as many tough workouts as I can possibly throw at it. No body is perfect – least of all mine. But it’s my body – one that I work hard to strengthen; one that doesn’t let me down; one that I can trust. And THAT gives me confidence. A scale could never give me that level of comfort in my own skin that I’ve always wanted. But finding something I love and focusing on mental strength? It’s given me more confidence than I ever had before. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

So my advice to you, based on my own personal experience, for finding comfort in your own skin, for finding and building confidence, is this:

Find a workout you love, and make it your own. (for me, it was finding barre n9ne and pairing that with an existing love in running)


…Every single time you workout, focus on trusting your body versus just going through the motions or giving up (on a move, on a new distance, etc.) for fear of your body letting you down. Guess what? If you push through, I can almost guarantee that you’ll surprise yourself and go farther than you think your body is capable of. Do me a favor – next time you face a daunting workout, give this a whirl: When you think you can’t possibly take another step, lift another rep, spin that wheel anymore, Try. Feel your body working hard. Trust it. The feeling of trusting yourself is indescribable.


Embrace the mirror; toss the scale. Next time you look in that mirror, pick out two or three things you love about your body and celebrate it. And the next time you take a peek, pick out two more. The freckles on your nose. The way your nose is just a little bit crooked, perfectly imperfect. The strong arms that carry you through a series of pushups. These are the things about you that make you uniquely you. A scale, a number – it says nothing about who YOU are. Focusing less on that and more on you, the you that you are today, the you that you can trust, mind and body? It’s priceless – and no number could ever properly quantify that fact.

THANKS JESS! This was SO inspirational!


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