Over-fed, Under-Nourished.


When we look in the mirror, many of us do not see an emaciated body wasting away from lack of food as seen in other countries. This is something we should all feel very blessed about. However, if you take a look at the INSIDES of our body, most people are actually just as starved for nourishment as those who eat little to no food. We are a country that is severely over-fed, but under-nourished.

This is NOT nutritious.


Obesity is one of our Nation’s most serious health problems. Obesity is linked to more than 30 major diseases, and even if you are not obese, things like cancer, heart disease, and stroke are popping up everywhere.

 This tells me that although we are all well-fed; our bodies are rejecting the foods we feed it. Our organs are suffering and tumors are growing because we lack the nutrients necessary for a healthy body. Think about every empty-calorie chip, cookie, French fry, or bowl of ice cream you consume in a day that replaces highly nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Think about every fat-free, artificially sweetened, empty calorie snack you think is “healthy,” leaving out (again) the highly nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Think about it. Write down your eats. I bet most of us are guilty.


Okay, so before I make you feel completely hopeless; read on. There are things we can do, changes we can make; it just takes an open mind and the willingness to develop a TRULY healthy lifestyle. Follow these 5 steps below and you will ALL be well on your way to a HIGHLY nourished body!

1. Toss the DIET foods. Get over it already. Fat-free, low-fat, artificially sweetened, chemical laden ingredients…they are NOT healthy! They might be low-calorie, but they will NOT prevent disease because they have very little nutritional value! All the money spent on DIET foods could be spent on healthy, WHOLE foods!

artificial...no thank you.

2. Add MORE FIGHTING foods. What’s a fighting food you ask? It’s a WHOLE food. It’s a food that doesn’t need an ingredient list because you already know what it is! It’s an apple, it’s an orange, it’s an egg, it’s a walnut. If it came from the Earth and not a lab, it’s probably a WHOLE food! Replace your daily “Fit n’ Lit” yogurt (60 calories) with a plum and 4 almonds (about 60-75 calories and MUCH more nutritious!).


3. Cook at home. Here’s a concept: USE YOUR KITCHEN! Take a few extra minutes every day and cook your family a healthy meal. No, that doesn’t mean you can heat up a Lean Cuisine or Hungry Man. Yes, this  might take more effort than going through the drive-thru but you CAN prepare a homemade meal in 30 minutes or less. No, it won’t kill you; the DRIVE THRU WILL! Restaurant foods are notorious for trans fat, too many omega-6′s, WAY too many calories, and very little nutrients. Do your family a favor and start cooking!


4. Drink water. Soda, Gatorade, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny D…they are all garbage. I’m sorry to be so harsh in this post but I see so many little kids walking around drinking this stuff. Give them water! Start the habit early! 100% fruit juices are okay but it would be even better to make your own juice or homemade smoothies; much more nutrients!

Just looking at this picture makes me thirsty! :)


5. Eat organic/local whenever possible. I KNOW organic is pricier. I KNOW! But I’m telling you, it’s worth it. Replace the diet foods and junky beverages with organic foods and your bill will probably be close to the same! Local foods are even better!! They are cheaper and depending on how they are grown…much more nutritious! If you are STILL not completely sold on organic, at LEAST stick to the list of the “dirty dozen. ” It’s worth it, I promise you that.


I hope these 5 points don’t intimidate you too much. Just make small changes. Start with drinking water. Once you and your family master that, try NOT buying diet foods. Little by little these small changes will grow in to really big changes! I can attest to this personally, since I was someone who lived on “diet foods!” Before you know it, you’ll be feeling better, looking better, and the doctors won’t even remember who you are (because you won’t need them as often)!

QUESTION: What changes can YOU make?

Yesterday I got some excellent feedback in regards to my post, “Is Your Husband Making You Fat?” If you have yet to check it out, catch yourself up now!


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  • Amen to all of these, especially number 1!!! I too often hear of people being healthy by eating low-fat yogurt/cream cheese/sour cream, but it isn’t real food!

  • This is a great point. I think we’re under nourished, as a country, in many ways. Amen for tossing the diet foods, yuck.

  • Amen! I see so many of my coworkers trying to lose weight be eating overly processed, diet foods. I want to make them a big plate of lean protein, fresh veggies and whole grains! This is the key to feeling good…and looking good too. Thanks for sharing, sweet girl.

  • katie

    I totally agree on the diet food. When I cut that crap out and started eating more whole foods I lost weight because I was eating LESS, but I was MUCH more satisfied. It’s soo frustrating to me that people don’t understand that!

  • Sam

    love this post – especially cut the diet foods. great tips :)

  • Great tips. I hate “diet” foods. Another tip I like is to try and eat a fruit/veggie with every meal :)

  • Great post and I do agree with all of it. Sadly, people feel “deprived” when they “deny” themselves a diet coke or a cookie. And also feel like they are “depriving” their children when they “deny” them a Sunny D. Very silly when in fact they are doing more harm than good. I blame the advertising. “Health Halos” hover high above the aisles.

  • What a breath of fresh air – you’re so right. Just as I was driving to work today I was thinking about how I probably eat 200-300 calories more because I no longer eat “diet” foods (i.e. 30 calorie slices of bread). And maybe because of that my weight loss is slowed…a lot. But, I am okay with this. I use WHOLE foods to nourish, and that means so much more to me than anything else.

  • All of these are great tips Erin, and very doable! I love your term “fighting foods”. The number one thing I tell all my clients to do is to add more fruits and veggies to their diets. That alone can do so much towards improving health, but all the other tips are great too, especially ditching the diet foods!

  • I was once the girl who subsisted off of diet foods as well! I wish I could rewind 5 years and take a peek into my cupboard and refrigerator. I know that what I’d find in there would be frightening (and likely still edible today because my favorite “foods” were packed with preservatives!). Even though I knew that these foods were artificial, I just couldn’t give them up. The fewer the calories the better, right? Plus, I wouldn’t allow myself a real cupcake, so the Hostess 100-calorie packs had to suffice. (I cringe thinking about those things!).

    Today I am 99% free of “diet food” and I feel AMAZING! I don’t crave the foods of my past AT ALL. In fact, when I see them, I cringe. You’re so right–these franken-foods are devoid of nutrients and filled with…well, fillers! Fresh, WHOLE food tastes better and is much more nourishing for our bodies!

    Love ya, girl! xoxo

  • What a great post! I agree that most people are over fed and under nurished. It’s so true that an apple has way more nutrients than anything fried.

    I was at the country fair this past weekend, and they had deep fried Mars bars, Pop Tarts, oreos and butter. The thought of deep fried butter makes me a little nauseous.

  • I am constantly trying to get every client of mine to toss the diet food. For some reason (clever marketing) people are so drawn to these products. It is going to be a long road but I think as more and more people become educated they realize that real food is the way to go!

  • Wonderful topic! ….As ‘healthy’ as they try to make school lunches they are totally lacking! I feel that SOOOOOO many people are completely uninformed about how to fuel their body properly. We look at food the complete wrong way here. Food = fuel.
    I have been trying my best to drink more water and ever since I came across Chia- it has increased my water intake greatly. Plus, I have a *kicking* garden. What is more local than my backyard!!! :)

  • Love these tips! I was at Target today and the lady in line behind me had about 45 Lean Cuisines in her cart. I’m not even kidding. I had to bite my tongue and refrain from shouting “franken-food”

  • “However, if you take a look at the INSIDES of our body, most people are actually just as starved for nourishment as those who eat little to no food.” Amen to that! I can’t tell you how many people I meet that just don’t know that the foods they’re eating are empty. The minute I explain what the healthy alternatives are they say “oh, well, I can do that!” Pretty easy to make the switch, it all just comes down to education… like what you’re doing here. Great job!

  • WoW! thanks for the information, you are so right and i wish the rest of the world was on the same page as you! and thanks for the comment on my blog too!

  • Love these tips for a nourished body!! It’s amazing how much better you feel when you get rid of the artificial junk and stick with whole foods!

  • I love this post. I think a lot of the problem is that people just dont care. “Diet pop wont kill me”. Well . . . are you SURE?? Obviously, Im not a perfect example, I eat junk too on occasion. But if I can control it (which I almost always can)I stick to eating actual food. I always remind myself of my Grandpa. He’s 90 years old, his mind is as sharp as it was when he was 20, and with the exception of some mobility issues, he’s doing pretty damn well. I totally believe a big part of that is because he ate real food his whole life. Yah, there was butter, but it was real butter, not the diet margarine junk people use now.

  • Such a good post! I try now more than ever to eat whole and “non-diet foods! And my husband is making me fat, haha.

  • @Lauren- yogurt is a huge sore spot of mine! It drives me crazy how people guzzle lit n fits (or their equivilent counterpart) down like they are the healthiest thing in the world just because they’re yogurt. They have no idea how sugary and “under nourishing” it is!

  • What a great post! You really said it!
    I love the point you made about tossing diet foods. That is one many people still struggle with. Parents I see will give their kids 100 cal packs thinking that it’s a good option, etc.

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  • This is a fabulous post! I can not stress enough how important a diet rich in whole foods is. You not only will feel better and look better, your overall health will vastly improve. At least that has been my experience.

  • I spent so many years eating all those “diet” foods. I regret it now, but at least I’ve reformed and eat mostly whole, healthy, real foods (I said, “mostly”, cause I’m still a work in progress.)

  • Gen

    Great post!!! I definitely tend to grab a quick prepackaged snack when I’m really hungry! Definitely need to start preparing quick, nutritious snacks ahead of time so that they will be there when I need something to snack on!

  • These are such easy tips, but the public is uneducated on what is really healthy. They think light n fit yogurt is healthy, or juice drinks are fine.

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