Is It Healthy? Naked Juice.


Earlier this week I got an inquiry about the brand Naked Juice; it LOOKS healthy, but IS it healthy?

So as I was touring an AMAZING new health food store I found close to home; Mustard Seed Market and Cafe, I picked up a bottle of the Naked Juice pictured above.

Before even glancing at the nutrition facts and ingredients though, the first thing that stood out was the price; $3.59 per bottle!? Regular consumption from this line could get pretty pricey if you ask me!

One thing I did find impressive is the wide variety of flavors!! It was really hard to decide which flavor to sample but I settled on pomegranate blueberry because I have been craving pomegranate lately!

When I finally got home I made my analysis. Here’s what I think:

1. Taste: DELICIOUS. I had 3 other people sample it and they all thought it tasted outstanding. The flavors of pomegranate and blueberry really pop in this beverage! I can see why it’s so popular!

2. Nutrition Facts: 2 servings per bottle

Below are stats per ONE serving

  • 150 calories (drink the whole bottle and you have almost a meal’s worth of calories!)
  • 0 g fat
  • 36 g carbohydrates (fruits are carbohydrates)
  • 300 mg potassium (excellent)
  • 20 mg sodium (very low sodium)
  • 0 g fiber (fiber in fruit comes from the skin and pulp)
  • 32 g sugars (Even though there are ZERO added sugars, there are still 64 grams of sugar per bottle!!!  Even if  the sugars are naturally occurring from the fruit, even one serving of Naked Juice will surely spike/crash your blood glucose!!)
  • 1 g protein

3. Ingredients:


The ingredient list looks pretty good!! I know what almost every ingredient listed is. It does contain natural flavors and you can read more about those here. I believe that a moderate intake of natural flavors is okay.

So is Naked juice healthy? While there are no major unhealthy deterrents in this brand of beverage, I am concerned about the calorie and sugar content. No matter which way you look at it, 300 calories is a lot of calories for a beverage. I can see it being very easy to drink an entire bottle of juice in one sitting. Unlike a 300 calorie meal or snack filled with fiber, protein, fat, and lots of nutrients that would keep you full for hours and leave you satisfied, Naked juice just doesn’t cut it. Aside from calories, this little beverage offers almost no nutritional value either. That may seem odd for 100% juice, but look at the vitamins and minerals on the nutrition facts. Not much to contribute.

On top of doing nothing for your waistline, Naked juice will also make your blood sugar spike up high and then come crashing down fairly quickly after. You’ll be looking for another snack in no time.

If you just can’t cut out Naked juice from your weekly grocery budget, which is crazy to me, then perhaps you can compromise. If you want to drink this beverage, try watering it down or adding a couple ounces to some herbal tea. This way, you get the flavor, without all the calories. For a boost of nutrition, try adding a couple ounces to a REAL fruit smoothie! Could be a tasty addition!

Received this link to an article discussing a lawsuit against Naked Juice for using GMO’s and synthetic substances in their “all-natural” products. Yeeps! Read more here!

That’s all I have for today my friends! Hope you have a healthy weekend! Tune in next week for NEW recipes; homemade fig jam and French onion soup!!

QUESTION: Have you tried Naked juice? What’s your favorite flavor? Do YOU think it’s healthy?


57 comments to Is It Healthy? Naked Juice.

  • Monica

    I typically drink the naked juice for breakfast, as others have stated it does serve a basically a meal and gives you what you need to get the day started. I switch back and fourth between a variety of the flavors.

  • Cade

    I believe you should take the time to also look at other selections under the Naked Brand. I’m just finished drinking a “green machine” and decided to look at a review of the drinks actual benefits (which is where I ran across your review). I think your points are great except the factor of nutrition. I’ve gotten a wide range of vitamin and minerals at high concentrations from drinking the “green machine” including 90% of my daily vitamin A content. I think you should probably re-edit your conclusion about nutritional content.

  • I’m using the Red Machine as a substitute for the 50g glucola test while I’m pregnant. No preservatives, dyes or chemicals!!!

  • Brittany

    I don’t think this drink was meant to be had more than once a day, I think that it’s supposed robe a supplement for a meal? Like breakfast…because it is filling, and all the flavor a are fruity, just my opinion though. I’m no doctor or nutritionist.

  • Missy

    The Blue MAchine Naked juice definately has fiber :) I believe but not 100% that its 13 grams of fiber-.

  • julie

    Pomegranate juice does not spike blood pressure. I have a metabolic disorder with high sugar and they actually recommend this juice because of its ability to not spike.

  • Chris M

    Good article. Thought I would share something I found online as I sit here ready to drink my Naked Juice. Apparently Naked may be seriously misleading its customers. I can wait to see how this lawsuit ends. Follow the link to read about it.

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