Healthy Through the Holidays: Weekend Tip!

I’m sure most of us have a holiday party or two to attend this coming weekend so I want to leave you with a little tip that comes directly from your kids: Socialize and put DOWN the fork!


Have you ever noticed how kids rarely eat at parties? Have you ever seen the excitement on their faces when they see their friends or cousins? Do you pay attention to the fact that they never stop moving? It’s time to take a little lesson from the kids...ENJOY YOUR COMPANY!

Too often we get caught up in what the buffet has to offer and forget the TRUE reason we have social SOCIALIZE! This weekend I want you to┬ámove your gab session away from the dessert table and focus on your family and friends. You will definitely find you enjoyed your time more when you aren’t stuffed to the brim with every appetizer offered.

For the next three weekends I really want you to think of the food buffet as an afterthought and engage in the conversation around you, not the tempting brownie lurking on the buffet table. In fact, why don’t you even try hanging out with the kids!?? I know they would be more than thrilled to have a grown up to play with!

I promise if you spend more time socializing than eating at the next holiday event you’ll leave the party feeling relaxed, happy, and filled with the spirit of the holidays (not bloated and guilty because you ate too much)!

Happy weekend everyone!

ps. If you noticed I cut back on blogging, I apologize. There has been a lot going on in my neck of the woods and the blog is NOT main priority. I still hope you are enjoying this little series though! xoxo


9 comments to Healthy Through the Holidays: Weekend Tip!

  • I’m enjoying the series :)

    We don’t have many Christmas parties that we’re attending this year, so I’m hoping it will be easier to stick with my regular routine and diet through the holidays, but I will keep this tip in mind for the few social events that we will be going to!

  • Thank you for sharing these tips… have a great weekend.

  • I think the kids don’t focus on food because they are too focused on gifts…haha, just thought I’d point that one out. But, you’re right, kids eat intuitively, so they don’ just eat all night long like adults, because they aren’t hungry. Brilliant.
    Nick and I are going to dinner tonight with some good friends, and my goal is to focus on the good company NOT the good food (or a little of both!).

  • This is very true – I’m often entertained by the difference between children and adults at parties, and wonder when children lose that ability to forget about food to just have fun. It’s a lesson we need to re-learn I think!

    I hope all is well despite the hecticnes…

  • That is such great advice!! Somehow in today’s world food is always the center of attention at all parties when frieds and family should be. I am loving this series, and we all understand life gets hectic sometimes and blogging has to take a back seat. We still love ya!

  • SO true and a great thing to bring up! I never thought to use that as a tip. I know when I am at a party where I am uncomfortable or bored I definitely eat more than when I am chatting! Lately at Xmas parties I found that I have a lot more to chate about (cough babies) with people and I am definitely eating less

  • Such an important tip! I hate to admit, but a lot of times I am near the food! So not good! I need to socialize more away from the food!
    Have a great weekend, Erin!

  • Gen

    Definitely love the series!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  • I’ve been really focused on this lately – on making every social interaction at parties and gatherings focused more on the people and the experience and far less about the food. I used to immediately jump to that table and fill right on up without a second thought,hungry or not. Now I really think about it and make a healthy choice when I’m at a party and do NOT gravitate towards that food table like I used to. It’s a hard habit to break but it’s worth it. our lives are so busy, the time we get to spend with family and friends is precious, so we should enjoy that time with them during the holidays, vs. being so distracted by the food and drink aspect of a good party.

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