Healthy Through the Holidays: Use Smaller Plates.

Are you a member of the “clean your plate” club? Do you feel the need to ALWAYS eat everything on your plate? Do you struggle throwing away those last bites of food, even when you aren’t hungry? So did I. I grew up with the “clean your plate” mentality and let me tell was a hard thing to break!

While I always encourage leaving a few bites on your plate, using smaller plates will help keep your portions in check. I feel like most people don’t take this advice seriously, but it really does work!

See how much smaller the servings get as the size of the plate decreases? All of the flavor and a third of the calories. I like it!


My favorite way to eat is on smaller plates and bowls.  I FEEL like I have a big plate of food, even though I really have the PERFECT sized portions. It’s so simple!  Oh and if I DO clean my smaller plate, there’s no harm or fowl because I served myself the right sized portions of food. I leave the table satisfied, not stuffed and bloated.

This Christmas weekend I encourage you to grab a smaller plate at the buffet line; fill half your plate with greens and the other half with foods of your choice. Your waistline will thank you and it’s just another way to stay healthy through the holidays.

QUESTION: Do you use smaller plates?


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