I'm Lovin' It!

1. The Marilyn Meme Article. (Please read by clicking on the title)


This morning I read an article that was incredibly thought provoking. Images, like the one pictured above, have been popping up all over facebook.  While they definitely seem to have good intentions, what is this message REALLY telling us? That we have to be adored by THOUSANDS of men?  Well, I personally enjoyed how Heather Cromarty, author of said article, worded it, “you are worth more than what men think of you.” I highly recommend giving The Marilyn Meme a read today. It will re-emphasize for all of us that we should be more focused on health, rather than how we look.

2. Cute Maternity Tees.

One thing I am totally in love with are adorable maternity tees, with cute little sayings. These are a few that I hope to acquire:

story of my pregnant life.


only sometimes...


I want this one SO bad!


This is why I get so tired!


Thanks for all the sweet comments and congratulations from yesterday’s post! Sorry it took me so long to spill the beans! I’m glad it’s finally out in the open though! Now I know I have lots of ladies to count on through my ups and downs!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are expecting my in-laws for the weekend! I can’t wait but I have lots to do between today and tomorrow! Toodles!

QUESTION: What are you serving up for the Superbowl? I’ve got veggie chili, shredded pork wraps, greek salad, and hummus/veggies lined up!


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