A Long Road Ahead.

Hi all! This is a quick guest post by Erin’s friend Amy to keep you all in the loop about Erin’s life, and the reason for her current blog absence.

Erin’s mom, Cathy, had been battling cancer for 10 years. She was such an amazing, resilient woman. Throughout this decade of battle, Cathy has always remained positive, faithful, and bright. This is no doubt due in part to her close-knit family…specifically her daughter. Erin has worked tirelessly to stay on top of research reporting links to cancer in various foods, products, etc. Erin has always been her mom’s champion…helping her all along the way in her fight, and never giving up positivity and hope.

Cathy and I getting Manicures for Erin's wedding day back in 2009!

This past year has been the most difficult in Cathy’s battle with cancer. Two weeks ago, the extremely difficult but loving decision was made to move Cathy to Hospice. Cathy was in full support of this decision, and was constantly surrounded by her family and friends the entire time.

Unfortunately, Erin’s mom passed away April 2nd, 2012. Since that time, Erin has just been taking time for herself and spending time with her Dad. She’s got a long road ahead of her. Please take this moment to think of the good fortune in your life – most importantly your health and your family. We simply cannot take for granted one single moment on this Earth, or one single person in our lives. 

We cannot always look at consumables as the end-all, be-all of our health. Times like this should remind us of that, a thousand times over. Quality of life is immensely improved by surrounding yourself by those you love, and those who love you. Happiness is crucial to our overall health. Use today to hug tightly, speak sweetly, and express your love to everyone in your life. And please keep Cathy, Erin, and the rest of the family in your prayers.


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