Are You Taking the Stairs?


It doesn’t take a genius to understand the importance of squeezing physical activity in to our daily lives. The majority of people spend most of their day sitting on their bum. This sedentary behavior, day after day, is one of the main reasons why we have such an obesity epidemic in our country! So why not make a solid effort to add more movement in to each and every day?  And how about we start with something as simple as taking the stairs?

With just a few more days until I enter my third trimester, I’m still trying to be as active as I can. Granted, the intensity of my movements have gone down, but I’m still doing everything I can to keep active and healthy. Not only do I try to exercise 4-5 times a week, but I also try to do little things throughout the day to keep moving; cleaning, walking outside, and taking the stairs whenever possible. I want to be a fit mama!


It infuriates me to see how many people don’t think to find the stairs in public places….and these are (seemingly) perfectly, stair-capable, non-pregnant people! Why would you rather be stuffed in to an elevator if you can avoid it?

 That being said, why are the elevators conveniently located at public facilities, but the stairs are practically hidden? Not to mention that in places like office buildings, hotels, malls, and hospitals, the stairs look like a scene from a scary movie; completely deserted and with poor, flickering lighting.

Nevertheless, it’s still extremely important for all of us to make more of an effort to be active throughout the day and the stairs are a great way to start. If you work in a facility where you can take the stairs, take them! If you frequent a building with multiple levels and have never thought to find the stairs…find them! If you work near a park or building with several flights of stairs…use them! A little effort goes a long way!

Need a few more reasons to get climbing?

  • Physical activities, like stair climbing, are a healthy way to beat job-related stress!
  • If you climb just 2 flights of stairs every day for a year, that could result in almost a 6 lb weight-loss! Take 6 flights of stairs a day and you might be saying “see ya!” to a whopping 18 lbs!!
  • Stair climbers have been shown to have lower risk of cardiovascular disease!
  • Climb stairs on a daily basis and you will reap the benefits of greater leg strength and aerobic endurance!
  • BONUS: Taking the stairs is often FASTER than waiting for an elevator, particularly in peak usage times. Believe me, I usually beat people in the elevator when I take the stairs!
  • Taking the stairs burns twice as many calories as walking!
  • Care about the environment? Stair climbing is considered a “green activity.”  The only energy you’ll be using is your own!
QUESTION: Are you a stair user? What are your thoughts on using murky stairwells? Should facilities be making a better effort to make stairs convenient?



11 comments to Are You Taking the Stairs?

  • I hate dealing with crowds, and I am perfectly capable of walking or climbing stairs, so I usually do just that. I also park far away from the entrance of a store because I don’t want to deal with stalking parking spots near the front. I also never want to make “not walking” such a habit that I’m not healthy enough to do it when I’m much older. Keep moving!

  • I take the stairs if it’s 3 flights or less (and I can find the stairwell!). Otherwise, I usually take the elevator.

  • Erin you look amazing!!!!!!

    I am kinda of skeeved by elevators. At the hospital my doc is in I took 5 flights of stairs instead of the elevator up until I was 40 weeks pregnant. At the end I was hoping to induce labor. If anyone went with me to appointments, they would sigh and say “”are you ever going to get tired enough to take the elevator?” No one could keep up with the pregnant girl.

    I hope you are doing well, Erin! Thinking about you lots xo

  • You are looking good! Yay for 3rd trimester, we are on the home stretch now! :-) and yes I take the stairs, pregnant and holding a sleeping 3 year old!!!! Good cardio for sure!

  • You look adorable!

    I mostly take the stairs. Unless I can’t find them, hehe.

  • I remember one of the ways I battled the bulge when I was on cruises was taking the stairs everywhere! It was definitely more effective than waiting around for the elevators (which took FOREVER).

    Great tips!

  • Occasionally I am lazy and take the elevator (my work is on the 6th floor and sometimes in heels I am not feeling it). But I always think it’s funny when I see younger healthy people get off on the second floor. That is just silly to me.
    And yes, they are always hidden!! :)

  • I always use the stairs when possible!! So of course, I’m a huge fan. By the way, you look fantastic!!! :)

  • Jess McClure

    You look wonderful! Such a cute little belly! I worked out my whole pregnancy and I really think it helped a lot with labor. Hang in there, you’re kicking butt :)

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your mom :( I’ve been very absent in the blog world, but I wanted to send my regrets. As for the future, you will be one fit mama. You look absolutely fantastic and glowing! And…love the stairs. They’re my favorite workout anytime!

  • I often take the stairs when they’re easily accessible. Crappy thing with my work is that for some reason, most floors you can get into the stairwell easily, but certain levels are locked so taht you can’t get back out of them. And I’m terrified of getting stuck!

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