5 Ways to FEEL Beautiful RIGHT NOW!

You may have heard this a million times, but we are all beautiful. We are all beautiful in our own unique way!


Okay. I will stop sounding like a Sesame Street episode.

I bring this up because I want all of us to FEEL beautiful. Too many people, especially women, don’t find themselves beautiful and it breaks my heart. Instead of focusing on our best qualities, we are quick to judge ourselves and others, pointing out the “flaws.” I will be the first one to admit that since becoming pregnant I’m like a ‘negative comment’ broken record and I need it to stop! Why spend one more second focusing on flaws? It’s a waste of time and makes us feel lousy about who we are!

So instead of being negative, let’s try to be positive! I thought I would share with you some of the ways I have been trying to help myself FEEL beautiful! I hope it works for you too!



1. Put on your favorite outfit. As superficial as this sounds, dressing up, even in the slightest, is sometimes enough for you to FEEL more beautiful. When we strut our stuff in a new pair of jeans with a sexy heel, we might start carrying ourselves a little differently. If you dress like a frump, well, you’ll FEEL like a frump. I suggest going upstairs today and investing a little time in your clothes. They may just help bring on a whole new attitude toward the day!

2. Walk with a smile.  One of the BEST accessories you can wear to compliment ANY outfit? A SMILE! Turn that frown upside down and you may start to notice others being a little nicer to you or treating you with a little more respect. Walk with confidence into a room and flash your pearly whites! You will not only FEEL more beautiful, but you will hopefully exude a positive attitude as well! I know I gravitate toward positive people! Go ahead, try that smile on for size!

3. Stop talking s***! I know this point may sound a little inappropriate, but hear me out! What’s with all the negativity toward others? Why talk s*** about other people? To make yourself feel better? Highly unlikely that calling someone else “fat” is going to make you feel more beautiful. You know what WILL make you feel and BE more beautiful though? NOT talking s***.  Give someone ELSE a compliment and see how good it feels? This is one thing I always try to do! Brighten someone else’s day and you may find yourself smiling even brighter!

4. Get SOME exercise. I bring up this point because the “high” we get from exercise is enough to make you feel beautiful and fit all day long. One of the reasons I keep exercising through my pregnancy is to keep those endorphin’s going! What a difference it makes to look in the mirror AFTER a workout! You will definitely FEEL more beautiful! Get sweating!

5. Be who you are. Always. Nothing annoys me more than those who try to be something they aren’t. Instead of changing yourself for your friends, lover, or family, just be who you are! I used to spend my time in high school molding myself in to something I thought others wanted me to be. When I finally got “real” with myself in college, that’s when I met some of my BEST friends and husband! Don’t change yourself for anybody and you will FEEL more beautiful in the long run! Others will notice too!

I am off for the day now. I am going to get my sweat on, put on a nice outfit, wear a smile, and be myself! I’m FEELING more beautiful already!


NEW FOOD OF THE WEEK: Did you eat some raspberries last week? If so, EXCELLENT! If not, try to include some THIS week along with my NEW food of the week: Jicama! Give yourself an exotic experience with this NEW food! Read a previous post I wrote about Jicama, which includes an easy recipe! Go here!


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