Preparing for Baby Life.

I think it’s finally really sinking in that Brandon and I are going to have a little sweet pea entering this world in just a few short weeks! I’m feeling a mix of emotions; excited, happy, nervous, apprehensive, giddy, scared…you name it.

One of my best friends just had a baby in April; Elizabeth Mae. She is gorgeous and definitely helped put things in to perspective for Brandon and I! We learned recently that 1. Babies are precious, sweet, and soft. 2. Babies are a 24/7 job. 3. Our lives are soon to change forever.

Our babies are also going to be BFF's. They were having their first bonding session!

(Since I neglected to mention this before…WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!! YAY!!!)

It’s been a real eye opener, listening to our best “new parent” friends give advice about the ins and outs of caring for a newborn. I feel like we will never truly know until our baby GIRL is finally in this world, but I’ve already been introduced to so many small things that I never would have thought about. So THANK YOU friends!

One of the best advice my dear friend gave us was to start reading about infant care. All through pregnancy, most mother’s are so wrapped up in reading about their pregnancy, they forget to grab a few books about HOW to care for the being growing inside of them when they finally arrive. So tonight, we are heading to the library!! Any good books to recommend???

Another way we recently started preparing for baby was to start PAINTING her room! We decided to go with a Tiffany-style blue and follow up with fuchsia accents; bedding, wall hangs, etc. This Friday another good friend is going to stop by and paint a mural on the wall for us! I can’t wait to give updates!


It’s really coming along, especially after getting so many great new things from our most recent baby shower (yesterday)! It was a GORGEOUS day outside and in! My mother in-law and sister in-law did a wonderful job bringing it all together!

When we got home, I felt nesty! This hasn’t happened to me before but they say women in their third trimester get this overwhelming urge to organize and clean the baby’s room/things. I think Brandon and I both felt nesty last night! We put most of her new things in the closet and drawers, decided what duplicates needed returned, set up the pack n’ play, and looked at crib bedding. It was fun and we were both really giddy. :)

My favorite little outfit!


We now have a huge stock pile of Burt's Bees product (there's more in the bathroom) I'm Lovin' It!

I think as a result of both showers, the only things we still really need to order are her organic mattress, bedding, and rug, compliments of my Dad.  I just need to make a decision on those things already! Other than that, we are feeling more prepared as the days pass.

Even though I know babies are a handful, when they are YOUR baby, you’d give an arm and a leg just to make sure they are healthy, safe, and happy. The closer we get, the more I realize this.

What are some things that helped you prepare for baby’s arrival? Any good suggestions or advice to share?


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  • cute baby, beautiful

  • A baby girl?! Oh my gosh! Congratulations! :)

  • oh that little outfit is too cute! how exciting!

  • So excited for you and Brandon. Love the room that lucky Baby Coates will sleep in!!! Take care Erin.

  • A girl?!? Yay! That’s fantastic :)

  • Everything is adorable! Especially you in that dress. :) What a great shower!

  • Everything is coming along great. Love the nursery. I don’t think I realized you were having a girl too! Exciting. We are coming along with the nursery, just need to get the crib up and that’s about it. Love the hanging closet organizer you have. I want to get that next time I am at Target.

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  • I love the color you are painting the nursery! That tutu outfit is so darn cute!

  • The nursery looks adorable! It is coming along.
    I a just so excited for you!!

  • The nursery looks adorable! We’re waiting on our funiture to arrive in the next few weeks and I cannot wait.
    Right now I’m reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth and I’m really enjoying it so far. Lots of people have said great things about it so hopefully it will come in handy when I’m trying to create a sleep schedule for our little one!

  • Wait…baby GIRL? Did I know this? So so happy for you! A little precious baby girl. Fabulous :)

    Definitely read Happiest Baby on the Block — great book. Very helpful. Take a newborn care class through your hospital if you can. My hubby really needed that one ;)

    Love the nursery!


    So soon!!!!

    You look beautiful! I love the nursery!!! And you know how I feel about little baby girls already! I am so excited for you!!!!!


  • Tami Russell

    Hey Erin! I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything to your site but I come here every now and then when I’m at work and need a break! I can relate so much to your pregnancy posts. And being a parent is really “the hardest job you will ever love”! And you really will do anything for your kids. I would step in front of a moving bus in a heartbeat for either one of my kids! I don’t have any good books to recommend about infant care but I did attend infant care classes at the local hospital when I was pregnant with my first which I found so helpful and at times comical (i.e. husbands trying to correctly put diapers on baby dolls :) ). Also, if you plan on nursing, I would suggest getting a breastfeeding book or taking a class (it’s not as easy as it looks!!!) Other than that, I didn’t hesitate to call my pediatrician’s office whenever I had a question. Most pediatricians even have an after hour phone number you can call in the evenings or weekends. I think I saw an earlier post too that you were planning on cloth diapering. We use cloth diapers and LOVE it! Congrats!!! Having a little girl is so much fun!!

  • Oh wow — your pregnancy seems like its happened at the speed of light! I am so excited for you to have a little girl to raise in a happy healthy loving family! You guys are going to be awesome parents, I am SURE of it. PS I love the color of her room!!

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