33 Weeks!

Thank you everyone for all the kind wishes from my previous post. It means a lot and I know eventually I will ease in to my “new normal.” It’ll just take some time. On that note, I thought I would share some pregnancy updates!

I still cannot believe I am 33 weeks in to this pregnancy. As slow as it seems to be going, it really has gone super fast (if that makes any sense at all). The good news is, with each passing day, we are feeling more prepared. We’ve almost got the baby’s room finished, the car seat is IN the car, and I think we’ve got all the “basics” we need to care for a newborn. Now it’s just a matter of mustering through this last trimester.

6-8 weeks

In month 7, I still felt pretty good. Yea, it was harder to get around, but I still felt okay. However, it seemed like the second I hit week 32, things took a turn for the tired, uncomfortable, and out of breath. Oh and did I mention my internal temperature must be something like 1002 degrees? I am hot ALL THE TIME! This is a total 360 from the freeze baby I’m used to being. It’s bizarre!

I’ve also been knocking things off of counters and tables with my belly. I’m still not used to having this bump jutting out and it’s easy to “forget” that your waist isn’t as slim as it used to be. It’s not only embarrassing to bump things off counters…but it’s even MORE embarrassing trying to pick them up. Obviously, it’s easier picking things up depending on my energy level, but catch me at the end of the day and I would imagine I am quite the sight to see.

Most of my pre-preggo clothes are a thing of the past. My jeans have been long gone but I could still comfortably fit in my comfy pants and shorts. While my comfy pants still FIT, they aren’t so comfy, especially ones that have a more fitted waist. Things I realize now? I was thin. Yes, after many years of denial, I finally realize that I WAS THIN. It took becoming pregnant, but now I look at my old self and curse every single day I ever got down on myself. I hope and pray that after this experience, I can learn to appreciate my body for what it is, what it has done, and whatever shape it ends up in.  Our bodies are AMAZING ladies! We need to be nicer to them!!

Question: How did you feel in your 8th and 9th month of pregnancy? Any words of encouragement to help me make it to the end!!??





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  • I think you look amazing :) You are very thin, and it’s good you recognize that! Baby girl is a’comin’! :)

  • AWWWWHHH!!!! I’m so excited for you! In just a few weeks you’ll have another blessing in your house. :)

  • I feel miserable! There its out! :-) I am 35 weeks, hot, tired, and can’t wait to have the baby on the outside. I have felt like this every single time (3 boys) and never embraced the whole pregnancy thing. Love the rewards after but can’t stand the journey getting there.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better. Good luck, we’re almost there!

  • I can’t get over your tummy…it is adorable!!! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to pick up things and just get around. You’ll be there before you know it. :)

  • My girlfriend’s at 32 weeks and she reports feeling flushed and uncomfortable all the time, bless her. She has moments when she feel awful about being bigger, but I think it’s my duty to remind her that she’s beautiful, and that who she’s carrying is beautiful too!

  • Yey! You are getting closer!

    So funny, by that time I was so hot all the time too! I was used to ALWAYS being frigid cold, and it was like Mike and I switched roles. My always hot, and him cold!

    You look amazing!

  • Amy

    I really stopped loving pregnancy right around week 34. I was so sore, so tired and unable to sleep, so anxious to meet my baby, and SO SICK of people telling me to enjoy my sleep and enjoy our last alone minutes. I found them impossible to enjoy because I was so eager to have my baby!

    I can’t believe I’m turning right around and being a person that I hated, but here is my advice to get you through the last couple months: YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THIS! Meeting your daughter is going to be amazing and start a whole new chapter, but if you’re like me (which you are in basically every way), you’ll be looking at her when she’s 8 weeks old and getting so sad that she doesn’t fit her newborn things anymore. You’ll start having the bizarre desire to be pregnant all over again. Yes, this is what’s going on with me right now.

    I guess just remember what a miracle we’ve always thought pregnancy was, and how much we longed for it for a very long time. So even though you’re hot and sore and tired and ready for it to be over…it’s something you’ll get to do only a few times in your life if you’re lucky…so DO try to enjoy it. I just won’t tell you to enjoy your sleep, because I know that’s impossible!

  • Jen

    What I remember the most is that in the end I felt like a sailor on land or like a duck as my colleagues so nicely put it. You will waddle but I swear it felt normal after a while. I miss the hot feet, sigh. Set aside some time to spend with your partner, go out, see a movie, cuddle on the sofa etc. believe me, once the precious one is there…. My baby girl came two weeks early and I never got around to fill the freezer or get the haircut and much needed pedicure. Take it easy and try to do something fun every day. Hang in there!

  • I love that you are appreciating how your body was. I do the same thing when I think back to what I looked like in high school and college. I was fine but I believed I was fat.

  • Congratulations on 33 weeks! You are looking wonderful – it’s been lovely following your progress over the last few months.

  • Hahaha I do the same thing – knocking into stuff – even into any one of my five other kids, as they’re all short enough not to come up past my belly button! :) I am 35 weeks and can’t wait for it to be over – and have felt this way every time. So I guess I don’t have any good advice – other than to maybe schedule fun things at certain intervals so you have something other than just your due date to look forward to between now and then – like putting a movie date for when Brave comes out on your calendar or scheduling a fun girl date for a pedicure 3 weeks before the date and again a week before – just little mini-things so there’s always something to anticipate with joy :) I also have set aside prescribed “cook to fill the freezer” days in the three weeks before the due date – so doing the menu planning and shopping lists will be another fun thing and then planning what I’ll cook on certain days, etc. All sorts of things added to the calendar make the days go by faster :)

  • You look great!! I’m in my 30th week and although I feel great it definitely is harder to move around! Especially changing sides or positions at night in bed!
    Enjoy every moment of your growing belly!

  • You look SO freakin’ cute I can’t stand it!! haha, seriously you look so healthy and strong going into the final few weeks of pregnancy. I love that you’ve sort of come full circle with your body image going through pregnancy, learning to embrace your pregnant self and looking back on your pre-pregnant self and recognizing just hot fit and slim you were (and will be again post-baby!) instead of looking for flaws that simply weren’t there. Love this girl! PS the belly comment about hitting things on the counter is so funny, I can’t imagine how weird that must be!!

  • I realized (and still do) the exact same thing. I was thin – downright skinny even. I vow to appreciate it when I get back to that size/shape!

    I loved the last couple months of pregnancy, feeling my belly, seeing the movements, appreciating the new curves. Relish it!

  • I laughed out loud at the image of you knocking things over with you baby bump and then trying to pick them up.

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