Pregnancy Eats; Third Trimester Style.

In the first trimester, I was nauseous most of the day/night, so I ate what I could, when I could. I was still trying to make nutrition top priority but nutritious foods made me sick, literally. The thought of vegetables was horrifying; still can’t figure out what that was all about. As a result, I gained new fat stores pretty quickly in the hip/thigh areas.

In the second trimester, I got my groove back. The complete opposite of the first trimester, ALL I wanted were fruits, veggies, and healthy foods and I gained a healthy amount of weight; ~1lb/week. I felt really healthy for the most part and it was a nice feeling after weeks of nausea!

Now that I’m in my THIRD TRIMESTER (almost there my friends!!), my appetite has changed…once again. In the first place, I get full very quickly (the majority of the time).  I know I’m still eating enough because I’m still gaining ~.5 lb/week, but I’m finding it super easy to take one bite too many and then feel like I’ve had 2 Thanksgiving dinners. So I’ve been trying my best to eat smaller meals (probably more like snacks), more frequently throughout the day!

actually hit 35 weeks yesterday!

So what are the best foods to eat in the third trimester you say???

In the third trimester, as the baby’s growth becomes more rapid, it’s extremely important to make sure you are getting your fill of nutrients; particularly protein, calcium, omega-3′s, iron, zinc, choline, fiber, and LOTS of water!!! Although the prenatal vitamin will round out your bases for you, it’s still important to make sure the calories you eat are nutrient-packed! Below are a list of foods I’ve been packing in as much as possible to get the above said nutrients!!


  • Fruits-—REALLY craving berries! Strawberries are in the peak of their season (almost on the outs though *tears*) and not only do they taste AMAZING, but they’re also a rich source of vitamin C…a nutrient that helps our bodies absorb iron…so important to get enough iron as our blood volume increases!!
  • Veggies—-I’m LOVING the Farmer Markets around here. I’ve found an AMAZING Amish farm that has the BEST organic produce for cheap! I’m able to walk away with HUGE… HUGE heads of lettuce for only $2.50. Can’t beat it!! Dark leafy greens are rich in nutrients like folate and calcium!!
  • Meats—Throughout pregnancy, I’ve been eating more meat than I ever have in the past 10 years. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to find grass-fed beef and pastured chicken around here! While I don’t go for beef or chicken more than once/week, burger season has hit me hard; they just sound so good! Beef and poultry are good sources of iron, zinc, and omega-3′s (if they are grass-fed)! Omega-3′s are crucial for baby’s brain development!
  • Whole grains—-Even though my internal temperature has been on FIRE, oatmeal has been my number ONE for breakfast and sometimes snacks. It’s easy to make and the perfect way to add a lot of variety; fruits/nuts/seeds/etc. Oats pack loads of B-vitamins and FIBER!! A great way to keep your energy up and digestive system going!!
  • Seafood-—-I’ve definitely been trying to get my daily dose of omega-3′s. We try to eat Wild salmon at least once a week and Wild Planet brand tuna. I’ve also  been including chia seeds and/or ground flaxseeds in my cereal and munching on walnuts whenever I can!! I want my baby to get as many healthy fats as possible!
  • Eggs—Eggs are not only a good source of protein, but they can also be a good source of omega-3′s and choline! Choline is a nutrient that gets depleted in pregnancy but that is SO important for proper brain development of baby! Make sure you are eating the WHOLE EGG to reap all the benefits!
  • Dairy—Since becoming pregnant, I’ve definitely upped my dairy intake. While I don’t go overboard, I am including plain yogurts at least once per day and some cheese here and there. However, I would still say my main sources of calcium are plant based!!
  • Sweets—I haven’t had a horrible sweet tooth in this trimester and that is a blessing. I limit myself to about one sweet treat per day or less (pretty normal). That might consist of a small cookie, a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips, or a small brownie.
  • RestaurantsBleck. I’ve had almost NO desire to eat out lately. The main reason (I think) is because nothing seems to agree with me when we go out! I get serious indigestion when I eat out (most of the time) and it doesn’t matter if I eat a salad or a piece of pizza…the same result. So I’ve had some aversions for going out to eat (with good reason no?).
There you have it! Some of the best foods to include in your third trimester! I hope that if you are currently in your third trimester OR looking to get pregnant, you’ll consider nutrition for you and baby to be TOP priority!!
Stay cool my friends! Next post I’ll be talking about third trimester FITNESS!!
Question: What are some foods that you tried to include in your third trimester? Did you notice a slow down or an increase in appetite? Any words of wisdom to share on pregnancy in general? Please do!!



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  • What an amazing post! Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into posting this! :)

    I can’t wait to read your post on 3rd trimester fitness! :)

  • Ahhhh your getting so close!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! :)

  • My appetite has been crazy during this third trimester- mainly due to the minimized stomach space I guess is in there….. Baby loves fruit! I am sticking to my rolled oats in the morning and eating protein smoothies for at least one meal/day right now- it is what feels good. I am eating a lot of my homemade almond butter so that I get some protein, healthy fats, and calories for not a whole lot of stomach space.

  • It’s so interesting to me how much your appetite, cravings, and nausea change throughout pregnancy.
    Can’t believe you are almost there!! So exciting!

  • Sorry for the typos, typing from my phone. Never a good idea! :-)

  • My first trimester is was so sick that I couldn’t eat anything. In fact I was ended up in the hospital for dehydration twice. I was still sick the 2nd trimester until about 25-28 weeks. I did eat more then but still felt pretty lousy. Now at 36 weeks, I’m feeling just like you. When I over eat one or two bites, I will pay for it big time. My stomach gets so full and uncomfortable now.
    It will be nice to enjoy food once again, I sure am looking forward to that day!

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve been pregnant (my kids are 6 and 8), but I remember always being hungry during the last trimester, while simultaneously feeling full. Which I know makes no sense, but that’s how it was. As for advice, just keep taking care of yourself the best you can :)

  • Hey pretty pregnant lady! I love this post! I craved eggs like WOAH when I was pregnant. I know what you mean about getting full. I was eating like 24/7 in my 3rd. I could only eat a little at a time, but was hungry!!! Ahhh I can’t believe you’re almost there!

  • I’ll definitely be coming back to these posts when I’m expecting.
    I really hope I don’t get a major sweet tooth when I’m pregnant (but I Have a feeling I will). I envision craving ice cream and pickles.

  • karen

    My nausea has returned now that I’m into my 3rd trimester. I’m also at 35 weeks. I just do the best I can but feel like I’m eating more like I was in the 1st trimester and unfortunately can’t focus on nutrition as much as I’d like to. I’m jealous of those of you who are so conscientious.

  • hi hey! congrats on being in 3rd already, I’m 26 weeks now and looking forward to start the 3rd soon.
    My appetite/preferences never changed since I got pregnant, very lucky, except that I dont’ want to eat meat, almost at all. I know it’s important to get enough protein and omega 3, but I just find them really unappealing and hard to digest. So I’ve been relying on eggs, tofu, soy milk (homemade). Now I started having walnuts as well since it’s time to pack up on omega 3.
    I can’t imagine how my stomach continues to shrink, but I already notice that my bump is coming up every week. I’m not a snacker, I prefer real meals, so it’s going to be hard to transit to 3rd. :)

  • That is so smart, I keep being told that i should find a foreign market to buy produce. It is way cheaper, especially when a majority of my diet is that type of food!

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