5 Great Things About Being 40 Weeks Plus.

Instead of being a “negative Nancy” about the fact I am STILL pregnant 5 days past my due date, I decided to write a post about the things I am actually enjoying about these final moments. I hope it provides some inspiration to anyone else who might be out there with a lingering belly. Here goes nothing!

Not my belly.


  1. Attention. I think I mentioned this in a previous blog post but when you become visibly pregnant, suddenly the world is a whole lot nicer, especially in the last few weeks. I get asked everywhere I go if I need any help, how “cute” I am, positive words of labor encouragement, affirmations at the gym, you name it. In fact, the other day I literally got applauded at the deli counter for being at the grocery store helping my Grandma at exactly 40 weeks.  I know it won’t last, so I am relishing in the extra attention while I can.
  2. Freedom. I started my maternity leave this past Monday and ever since I have thoroughly been enjoying the freedom to do as I please. Granted, I don’t do much, but it is nice to have the extra time before baby to clean and organize the house, stock up our fridge and cupboards, or just sit and lounge to a Lifetime movie in the middle of the day. I won’t have this freedom to do as I please much longer, so I am relishing in it now.
  3. Nap Time. Growing a life takes great sacrifice, but nap time should NOT be one of them. One of the biggest reasons I took maternity leave early is because my midwives wanted me to get my rest NOW before all I know for several weeks are sleepless nights. I felt pretty exhausted on a couple of the days and it was really nice just napping as I pleased. I think all this rest will really benefit labor!
  4. Back Rubs.  I have been entitled, by my wonderful husband, to a back rub whenever I see fit. This has been such a wonderful perk. I cannot tell you how many knots I have in my neck and shoulders lately! Thank you Brandon for trying to help work out the kinks!
  5. Date Nights. Brandon and I have gotten very used to “doing as we please” for the past 6 + years together; date nights, vacations, shopping, etc. We realize that these luxuries are about to change quickly, so this past week we’ve had a date just about every night; movies, mall trips, dinner dates, walking in the park, etc. We’ve really been enjoying our last moments as a two and a half-some (can’t forget our cat Little Boo!). As much as I look forward to what is to come, I will never forget all the special times we’ve had together, just Brandon and I.

There you have it, my top 5 greatest things about being 40 weeks plus pregnant! Now…I’m not gonna lie though….I AM still going preggo crazy!! Are there any perks you can add to the list?


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  • My first baby was born at 41.3 weeks and the doctors forced an induction at that time. I was high risk and at that time the decision made sense, although, now looking back not sure it “had to be done.” 3 out of
    4 of my babies were past due their due date. They come when they are ready! It’s a very tough wait though, at least for me it was. Enjoy the last few days, it won’t be long now!!
    Many blessings for a perfect labor and delivery.

  • I love this post. Glad to hear you are making the most of it.
    I think it’s great you are taking time to enjoy things. You deserve some me and date time before the baby!
    That photo is amazing!

  • So glad you are soaking it all up right now. Enjoy your naps, Lifetime movies, and date nights! You’ll get them again but it will be awhile. You’ve done an amazing job of baking your little bean! Not much longer now!

  • That photo is incredible Erin! Even though its not your belly! Look forward to meeting the little Healthy Apron soon.

  • I think it’s really nice that you’re enjoying time with your hubby! I’m appreciative of the date nights my husband and I were able to have this summer too. We got married 2 weeks ago, and we’re realizing that we won’t have as much money to spend freely, now that we’re paying bills!

  • That picture is awesome. Wow, can you imagine looking down and seeing your unborn child’s foot on your belly?! Crazy!

    SO, I have back rubs and extra days off work to look forward to. Why don’t I get pregnant NOW?! Man, what am I doing?? haha, I know it’s not easy. I’m not looking forward to random people giving me affirmations and telling me how cute I am. HA! I’ve seen it done before, and while attention is nice, I’m sure that can be sort of annoying!! Although I know people mean no harm.

    I can’t wait to meet the new Healthy Apron :)

  • Yes! So glad you are embracing it because NEVER gain will it be. If you have baby #2, you ill have another one to care for..so no Lifetime movies in the middle of the day (I totally did that too!)

    So soon! Just a few more days. I can’t wait to meet her!

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  • Kim

    Other perks
    1. Being pregnant! What a blessing and many women would give anything for this!
    2. Not having a premature delivery! (ditto above!)

    Dont forget the little things!

  • Aw this is such a cute post! What a great reminder too…to appreciate every stage of this process, even the final few days before your little one arrives! You can look back on this post after and it’ll provide such great memories. :)

  • Aubrey Whewell

    These are great! For me it was also knowing that the longer the baby was in there, the better. Truly. Look at the info about 40 wk and 42 wk babies. I wanted a 42 wk baby so bad (although now I don’t quite remember what it was like at 40 wks since my baby will be 19 months tomorrow, sheesh). Hang in there. You are doing amazing and that little one is so blessed.

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