Think Beyond Looking Great.

The number one reason that people want to lose weight? They want to LOOK great! This is fair. Who doesn’t want to LOOK good? It may sound superficial, but this is the world we live in. Unfortunate as it is, we judge ourselves and others by the way they look (and if you say you don’t…you’re lying to some degree).

In the past, the main reason I wanted to lose weight was to LOOK great. I didn’t care about the health benefits of eating better or that came along with losing weight, I just wanted to LOOK great. I lost weight by over-exercising, eating junky diet foods that contained all kinds of chemicals, and stressing every day about being perfect. Sure I was LOOKING great, but was I really healthy? That is a big, FAT NO!

At the time, I felt like I LOOKED great but was eating very little and exercising WAY too much. I was FAR from FEELING great.

You see, in the process of trying to LOOK great, I wasn’t FEELING great. I was tired, sore, hungry, and injured most of the time. I put so much pressure on myself to LOOK great, that I neglected how to FEEL great!

It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I wanted more than to just LOOK great; I wanted to FEEL great and give my body optimal health. I wanted to ditch the constant stress in my life (that mostly revolved around my weight) and instead start focusing on how to get healthy! I watched my mother’s health deteriorate over the past 10 years and don’t ever want that to happen to Brandon, Hannah, or myself. I want us to do as much as we can to FEEL great for years to come.

Back in October 2011...FEELING great!! Eating healthier than I ever have, exercising but not too much, and avoiding stress!

What did living to FEEL great entail?

I’m not going to lie; FEELING great means making HEALTH your priority.┬áIt means putting a little more time in to your grocery list, spending a few extra dollars for organic foods, setting time every day to exercise, and making time for yourself each and every day. FEELING great doesn’t just mean losing weight on crappy diet foods. In order to truly be healthy, you must instill change into all aspects of your life and get back in touch with yourself. When you stop focusing on the weight-loss and cut out the crap, your body will naturally go where it was meant to be.

To honestly be healthy is no easy task! If it was…everyone would be fit and healthy. Living to FEEL great takes change, work, straying from the norm, challenging the norm, and sticking up for what you believe in. FEELING great and getting healthy means constantly educating yourself about the latest and greatest in the nutrition world and trying new foods and experiences. FEELING great means taking time for YOU! FEELING great is what is going to take you to old age!!

The BONUS of FEELING great? LOOKING great!!

QUESTION: Are you more concerned with FEELING great or LOOKING great? How has the urge to LOOK great influenced your day to day living?



10 comments to Think Beyond Looking Great.

  • Thank you SO much for this post!!!! It was exactly what I needed today. :)

  • Meg

    Because of recent events, I’ve had to remind myself of this! You are a smart, smart lady! Lots of love to you and Hannah!

  • Great post, Erin. It’s so true, most of us eat healthy and workout for the wrong reasons, however, if our superficialness (not a word, I know!) will motivate us to get in shape, it’s not so bad, right? At the same time, it can be taken to an extreme and be anything BUT healthy, and that’s certainly not good. I used to eat right and exercise to look great, now I do it for both reasons :) I love feeling great when I get out of bed, and I know it’s because I take care of myself.

  • Great post, Erin! I have a lot of clients with various health issues. You would not believe that I STILL need to use “looking good” as a motivator to being with degenerative diseases…not “feeling good.” I think it’s my job to help them to understand that feeling good is all a part of feeling they look good too.

  • This is so true!
    I was the same way. I think being a dietitian, I realized so much more the importance of putting healthy foods in my body. In high school especially, I just wanted to “look great” as you say.
    I have been back and forth lately struggling with motivation. But this post is a great reminder that I want to look great BUT especially feel great! :)

  • Oh I just love your perspective my friend – love, love, love. It IS about feeling great on the inside WAY more than looking great on the outside (a nice side effect, as you said, of living a healthy, fit lifestyle). Sure it takes a LOT of effort to live a healthy life but that effort,that investment in YOU, is so so worth it in my book. Priceless, even. Great post!!

  • Rebecca

    I find that those who’ve made true health the priority look better than those who focus exclusively (or predominantly) on looks–they tend to have a glow, have more energy, be more positive, and, often, seem stronger/leaner. There’s definitely something powerful about shifting perspective and exercising/eating to live instead of living to exercise and restrict. I’ve found that when I’ve taken the focus off of what I weigh and stopped shutting out the world in the pursuit of “skinny” I’ve actually lost weight, probably because there’s less anxiety associated with food and I’m free to LIVE.

  • I always tell my clients that health is always the first concern. Once health is achieved beauty will surely follow.

  • I would say about 8-10 yrs ago, I was about 90% looking good and about 10% feeling good. These days, I’m more about 50-50 (hey just being honest). When I don’t work out for a few days, I end up feeling like crud even though I’m sure I look the same. So I know there is a ton of mental benefit for me to stay active and healthy.

  • Great post! Nothing beats Looking AND Feeling great! Totally attainable with hard work and determination :)

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