5 Foods I'm LOVING Right Now!

I finally understand when sentences begin starting with; “When you’re a busy mom…” Busy? Holy moly. I had no idea. No wonder so many women struggle to eat healthy when they have kids!! If you’re not fully prepared each and every day, I now understand how easy it is to grab less nutritious foods, shove them in your mouth, and move on to the next “mom-task” at hand!

After a few weeks of such said “grab n’ go” meals, I decided to get myself more prepared. As I always preach…a little effort goes a LOONG way when it comes to healthy eating. Every Sunday evening, before heading to the grocery store on Monday, I plan out each and every meal I intend to eat during the week. Yes, this takes time and thought, but I believe healthy eating is so important that the extra time is worth it! I post my meal plan on the fridge so I know exactly what I intend to eat (this saves valuable time when I’m scrambling to get things accomplished during Hannah’s naps).  It also prevents me from reaching in the cupboard to grab the first thing I see and mindless noshing! Having the meal plan on my fridge makes me more likely to stick to it!

Since I started this routine about 3 weeks ago, I find myself sleeping better, having more energy, and just plain feeling healthy again. I may still have 10 pounds to go to reach my goal weight (13 pounds to reach my pre-pregnancy, non-breastfeeding weight…which won’t happen for awhile)…but when you FEEL great, the rest will just fall into place naturally! :)

I decided to share just a few of the foods I’ve been loving right now! Hopefully it will inspire you to either share the foods YOU are loving right now or to add the following foods to YOUR weekly menu!


Raspberries: I’ve been starting my days lately with raspberries. Trader Joe’s has a great deal on frozen organic raspberries and I LOVE adding them to my morning bowl of oatmeal. Not only do they naturally sweeten my oats, but they give me a boost of nutrients; Vitamin C, manganese, fiber, Vitamin K, and magnesium (to name a few)!!!

Oats: As I mentioned above, with the weather cooling down, there’s nothing like a delicious warm bowl of oats to start my morning off right. I use a combination of oats, raspberries, almond milk, chia/hemp seeds, cocoa powder, and nut butter. This combination leaves me feeling full for hours and amps up my energy to take care of Hannah in the morning and maaaaaaybe squeeze in a quick workout!!

Butter head Lettuce (Boston or Bibb Lettuce): One of my favorite types of greens is butter head lettuce.  I believe my love is due to the texture. I love how billowy and full it is! It’s also a less bitter type of green, so I love sharing it with family members who might not be the fan of greens that I am.

Potatoes: I’ve also been a HUGE fan of roasted potatoes lately. I think I’m just craving fall flavors, but roasted veggies are right up there with desserts in my book (okay maybe not THAT close…but they are pretty high on my food list)!! Potatoes have been making a frequent appearance because they are easy to prepare and I’ve found organic potatoes to be on sale lately (gotta love that)!!

Beets: When I mentioned I LOVE roasted veggies, I also LOVE roasted beets. Laury from The Fitness Dish introduced me to beets early last year and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m not such a fan of cold beets, but roast them with a little salt/pepper/olive oil and they are divine! The perfect way to warm up a cool salad in early fall!! Plus, they have been shown to have anti-cancer and anti-heart disease properties! Just another reason to add them to your weekly menu!!

Well folks, those are just 5 of the foods I can’t seem to get enough of lately! I hope you’ll add at least one to your menu in the coming weeks (especially the roasted beets…YUM)!!

I also wanted to add my 6 weeks post-partum tummy picks! Not much has changed since I last updated but showing my progress (as promised) anyway!

Black pants: 4 weeks; White pants: 6 weeks. Down 2 pounds and can get all my jeans buttoned (just not comfortably).


Pre-pregnancy tummy...might be awhile.



10 comments to 5 Foods I’m LOVING Right Now!

  • Oh my gosh. I LOVE raspberries! I can go through a whole flat in two seconds flat! (NO JOKE!) They ar just SO delicious! :D What is your favorite way to use them (other than on oatmeal)? :)

  • I love your list! —-I’m a plain greek yogurt fan; but I think my little one is lactose intollerent so I’m really struggling to find food- I use greek yogurt in my oatmeal, in tuna ‘salad’, plain, for cream sauces- I’m so struggling to find quick proteins that ARE’T lactose based……. You are looking great! I tried on some jeans at week 2- no good. But, it’s now week 4 so I should try again! :)

  • First off, you look fabulous!!! :)
    Also, I am with you on roasted veggies..potatoes, beets, you name it! YUM!

  • I can’t imagine how busy I will be when I have a child!! Yikes. It’s good to hear you aren’t sugar-coating anything here. No pun intended.
    Roasted potatoes are one of my favorites too. We’ve been into the mini purple ones lately. Yum yum. And, I’m so sad berries are going to start getting more expensive here soon :(

  • Butter lettuce from TJ’s is my absolute favorite. I get three salads out of it and you can pair it with anything. WIN.

  • Yes I love all of these foods!!! And thanks for the mention. Oh, beets…be-still my heart. AND Ella’s heart! I roast them then slice them up and quickly saute in coconut oil for her (she needs those calories and fats!) and she goes CRAZY!!! For future reference ;-)

    And yes..it’s tough prepping and making healthy choices when you’re a mom but it’s doable! Thanks for showing other new moms that!

  • 450 degrees, dice into 1/4-1/2″ cubes, mix with a little salt/pepper/olive oil and bake ~45 minutes!

  • Meg

    Mmm. butter lettuce. I’m a fan too, I haven’t had it in forever! I think I need to add it to my list for the next time I go to the grocery store! I’ve always been a huge, huge fan of beets. Never tried them roasted though. How do you roast them? In slices?

    Girl, your tummy doesn’t even look like you had a baby! Give little Hannah a kiss for me. :)

  • Love all five things you’ve listed there! I can’t get enough. This reminds me to add some beets into my salad this week :)

    Your tummy looks great!

  • I LOVE bibb lettuce – perfect for lettuce wraps, which are in heavy rotation for dinner lately up in here. SO GOOD! I also love rasberries…especially when mixed into my oatmeal. My how similar our tastebuds are ;-)

    PS I think you’re making great progress on the body after baby front!!

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