Do Others Make You Feel Bad for Being Healthy??

Do others make you feel bad for being healthy or caring about your health? Do you find friends or family members encouraging you to be unhealthy with them or making annoyed faces when you choose not to eat something at events? Do you ever find yourself trying to cover up your healthy choices because it’s “not the norm.” Are you sick of having to justify your food and environment choices?????????



I’ve been ridiculed for the way I eat for the past 10 years (at least). I’ve come to ignore it most of the time, but there are still instances where I find myself “eating something anyway” or not sharing my true opinion, because I don’t want people to think I’m a food snob or judging them for their personal choices.

Do I occasionally over-indulge? Of course. Do I ALWAYS follow my own “food rules?” No. Do I go out to eat and sometimes say, “what the hell,” absolutely…but do I mostly eat healthy; YES!

I AM pretty anal about what I eat and what I choose to feed my family; I eat 90-95% organic, I opt for pastured or grass-fed meats and animal products, I’m a sucker for locally grown produce, I get anxiety when I don’t have fruits and veggies available 24/7 (and go out and buy some immediately if I don’t), I refuse to buy or eat anything that contains GMO’s, non-organic soy, HFCS, artificial flavors/natural flavors/artificial sweeteners, etc…, this is only because I want to feed my family as optimally as I can. I shouldn’t be ridiculed or judged for it…because I’m not judging you!

What frustrates me, is that I used to watch what I would say around certain people and pretend like I’m not as “anal” around others because I knew what I chose to eat is not the norm. I didn’t want THEM judging ME for making the health decisions I do; strange as that sounds.

Can anyone else relate?


The point of this post is not to make myself sound like a superior eater…I am NOT believe me. My point is to simply let you know that whatever healthy choices you choose to make or change in your current lifestyle, you should own them!! Be PROUD of making such positive changes because it’s impacting your health in a HUGE way! Whatever other people think, WHO CARES! YOU know what you are doing is the right choice for YOU!! If those surrounding you give you grief, then deep down they are probably just feeling jealous that they haven’t made those choices for themselves. It’s wrong of people to make YOU feel poorly for doing something positive for YOUR health!!

Don’t you agree!??

QUESTION: Has anyone else ever felt judged for making healthy choices? What was your experience? Do you judge others? Why?


9 comments to Do Others Make You Feel Bad for Being Healthy??

  • My friends and family don’t “make me feel bad” for eating healthy or making better choices, but I am definitely known for health and nutrition and striving to eat a more healthful diet. I still eat sweets sometimes (like today for instance — I had me some oreos because they sounded good), but the key is that I don’t do it ALL of the time. It’s all about balance. Picking the foods that benefit you the most most of the time, and the ones that don’t benefit you as much less of the time.

  • Biz

    My husband and I have pretty different tastes – he’s meat and potatoes, I like to eat more ethnic foods with lots of spices and flavors.

    I try to eat my healthier meals for breakfast and lunch and tend to splurge every once in a while on dinners that make my husband happy. I just wrote my post about balance – you just have to be in control of that balance!

  • YES. It really bugs me when I feel like I’m under the gun to explain why I live the life that I do — a healthy and very active one. I get the guilt trip all the time about how much time I spend on my workouts, on teaching at the studio, on choosing healthy meal options, etc. It’s so frustrating. I need to learn to not let it get to me and to do as you say — be PROUD of my choices and never hide them from others. Loud and Proud, right??

  • This post is 100% perfect! ….I feel that most times people are judging me for choosing to eat the way I do when all I want to do is to do what is right for me- I’m not judging them. I am glad they do what is right for them and are happy with their decisions on what they put in their mouths- just as I’m happy with my decisions to put healthy food in my mouth!
    Also, I feel that they (my co-workers) make it seem like I eat natural food (which is weird to them- like chia seeds and a few other out of the norm foods) for attention if I eat with them around. I choose to eat in my classroom so that we don’t have to have a 20 minute conversation that revolves around the ‘weird’ food I eat or ‘I don’t know how you do it’ talk…..

  • I can totally relate! Especially now since my dietary ideals have shifted somewhat in the past year. Though I remember a former-coworker would tease me saying that I only ate stuff like “organic bison” and whatnot. I don’t think it was 100% in jest. I really believe she thought I was a snob, and she loved to over-exaggerate my food choices. Plus, what’s wrong with not eating something simply because you don’t care for the taste of it??

  • I completely agree!!
    I definitely have felt judged at times for not eating unhealthy treats with others. It can be difficult at times. I loved this post!! You are soo right!!! :)

  • I definitely find special events/family events tough, because everyone’s a food pusher. I also find it hard to resist the really-tasty-only-at-family-events foods. I’m sure a lot of people have that problem, though.


    I’m either judged for eating too healthy and people feel the need to defend their choices. I also find people LOOKING at what I eat now so when I indulge, they point it out making me more self-conscious. I shouldn’t have to defend what I put in my mouth just like I don’t go around forcing people to eat a certain way.

    I am a reformed closet binger so I get defensive if someone makes comments about what I eat. I’m working on that.

  • This used to drive me insane because my co-workers always commented on my “healthy eating.” Frankly I didn’t think it was such a big deal to eat salad for lunch every day and choose not to eat the catered cookies that aren’t any good. It eventually became a bit of a joke and I got used to it but it really can be annoying.

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