It's All About the Weight-Loss?

If you read through My Journey, you know that weight/food/body image has been a struggle of mine most of my life. After finally losing the weight, figuring out how to “keep it off” in a healthy way, and accepting myself for the way I am, I then started to fear the one thing I knew I would have to go through at LEAST once in my life; pregnancy.

At a point where I was feeling good about myself...finally!


To me, pregnancy was not something that meant bringing a beautiful baby in to the world. Instead, pregnancy meant gaining weight and the fear of what would happen…after.

8 months preggo and trying really hard to accept this new body

Well, here I am in the “after.” I’m 10 weeks postpartum and not feeling as down on myself as I had envisioned. For one thing, I have a gorgeous baby girl who keeps me smiling every day. Sure, I’m still self-conscious, but I’ve been exercising, eating as healthy as I always have, and doing lots of NEAT activity (aka housework); what more can you do?

Love that face!

I keep reading from other mothers to just enjoy my time with Hannah…the weight will come off with time. Wise words.

In the past, I would have made SERIOUS efforts to get the weight off; extreme dieting, over-exercising, obsessing about calories; you name it! But now? I’m just trying to relish my time with Hannah and want the weight to come off with a healthier approach. I can admit that about a month ago I WAS having obsessive thoughts and driving myself crazy with calorie counting. However, about 2 weeks ago, I decided to start cutting myself some slack.

Instead of counting every calorie and worrying about how to kill myself in a workout, I just started listening to my body. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was satisfied. I also cut back on my exercise because I felt I was doing too much. Exercise is supposed to make you feel GREAT, not achy and horrible. As a result? I lost 2 pounds after weeks without any loss…8 more til I reach my goal!

The moral of this post is simply this: love yourself no matter what.┬áIt’s NOT “all about the weight-loss!!!” As women, our bodies go through IMMENSE changes during pregnancy and after. Those of us (including myself) who put too much pressure on themselves to look a certain way end up stressing our bodies and stalling any progress anyway. New moms; relax and relish this time with your little one…you won’t get it back!

QUESTION: What was your strategy to get the baby weight off? Did you count calories, exercise more, not worry about it? Share your story!


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  • Awwwhhhh. You’re little girl is so precious. I know she must be a blessing in your life. :) I know the weight will come off in time. Just listen to your body, enjoy life, and have fun! I also like lifting heavy weights — have you ever tried that? (I’m sure it’d also make carrying your Hannah seem easier.)

  • It’s so refreshing to read your posts about postpartum weight, and dealing with it. Like you I always worry about that time of my life. I’m hoping it will end up being easier than I envision, but we’ll see. It’s imperative to have a good support at home, and it sounds like you do. I think I will too. Plus, I’ll be sure to always make time for exercise, and ME. You have to be a little selfish to stay healthy and fit, right?!

  • Hi Erin! Been following your pregnancy for a little while and am glad to see you are having fun with Hannah! I just recently had my sixth child (July 17) and can tell you that while you’re nursing your body NEEDS to keep weight on certain areas for the first several months. There are tons of ladies out there whose bodies go back to their “pre-pregnancy” weight almost immediately, or within a few weeks, but even if this is the case, their bodies are still holding fat in different places if they are continuing to nurse, storing it up for the dreaded “6 month growth spurt.” You may not have heard of the 6 month growth spurt, but I think that’s because most women add solids at 4-6 months and then don’t experience the sudden instant increase in breast milk production that occurs around that time. It is so drastic that exclusively breast fed babies will often stop sleeping through the night for almost a week (if they had been beforehand) and then after the growth spurt will spit up huge quantities of milk for days as your production ends up being so much higher afterwards until it tapers off. With each one of my babies, I lost the last of my weight during that growth spurt, and I never tried a “weight-loss” strategy of any kind. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when satisfied and worked to keep the calories as healthy as possible. You will hear moms complain time and time again that they can’t lose their weight while nursing — so they stop nursing. That’ probably a pretty hard decision for them to make, but I know the feeling of just wanting your body back. I admit it, some areas of my body are “softer” than I like them up until 6 months. Then I keep decreasing in size until I’m pregnant again. With most of my pregnancies I have nursed up until I’ve been pregnant again, so I’ve never completely gotten back to “normal”except for the one time I had a miscarriage. With this last baby, though, I had about one month after I stopped nursing until I was pregnant, and it was so nice to see things shrink down finally to where I wanted to be (a size I hadn’t seen for 15 years. I’m sure all the running was helping, too!) So those are my two cents — be prepared (although it may not happen to you) to have your body not look quite like you’d like it to for as long as you’re nursing, even if you hit your target weight. Upper arms, tummy, thighs, and breasts are the places where bodies naturally store up fat in order to nurse a baby for the long-haul. Be thankful for now that you are able to successfully nurse, because there are plenty of women who have trouble putting on enough weight and struggle with nursing, or whodrop so much weight right away that nursing just drains them way too much and they have to stop.

  • So glad to read you are taking that sound advice, Erin!! Enjoy that precious little girl!

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