Fall Weight-loss Plan! Who's With Me?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall season. I love sweatshirts, colorful leaves, gloomy days, random warm days, comfort foods, holidays, HALLOWEEN…you name it!

Along with everything I LOVE LOVE LOVE about fall, there are also things I’m not as fond of; football season (sorry just NOT a sports fan), winter being right around the corner, and fall comfort foods (I’m contradicting myself)!!

This is the time of year when it is  super easy to get a little lazy and instead of getting off our bums after work, we tend to sit around eating cookies or macaroni and cheese (just a generalization)!! There are also tons of fall parties/holiday parties/football parties, etc., that just SCREAM unhealthy foods; buffalo chicken dip (LOVE this), pizza (OMG…YUM), dessert of any kind (I have no shame), and Thanksgiving stuffing (oh dear…did I just admit all that?).

Although I am tempted every year with the same fall goodies, this year things are slightly different. You see, I haven’t had to LOSE weight in a long time. I know, pity party, but it’s true! So THIS year, not only will I have to limit my intake, I am also going to attempt to *gasp* LOSE weight during this time! EEK! I think I need some others to JOIN ME!!

I’ve got 8 pounds to go until I reach my goal and I need some help to keep it healthy through the fall!! Anyone else feel the need to join me in this weight-loss challenge?

 Now, you might be thinking I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself OR you might be thinking, “why hasn’t she lost all the weight yet?” Whatever your perspective, just know that I am doing what is best for ME! If I’m losing too slow for you? Sorry. If I’m losing too fast for you? Sorry. This is what the plan is for me and I honestly think I can accomplish my goals as long as I keep a healthy mindset.

So what is my plan to get through this fall season and LOSE weight besides asking some of YOU to join me??? A NEW SET OF WORKOUTS!

I always get REVVED up when I have new workouts to try. Being a “home gym” kind of girl, I LOVE acquiring new workout DVDs to add to my collection! Whenever I get a new one, I get SO excited!

Enter: REV ABS! $30 for a 10 disk collection? YES PLEASE!

Yea, he's kind of attractive too.


When I heard about this deal, I thought: what post-pregnant lady isn’t looking to “rev” their abs post-baby? PERFECT WORKOUT!

Then I thought, I just became a stay at home…but $30 for 10 DVDS??? PERFECT WORKOUT!!

I knew it was meant to be!!

I got the DVD collection yesterday and read through all the materials.


  • 10 disk collection.
  • a great combination of cardio/strength workouts which emphasize core strength!
  • Attractive instructor. ;)
  • Weekly workout calendar so you know which order to perform the workouts.
  • 30-45 minute workouts which fit in perfectly while Hannah naps!
  • Extra motivation to “rev it up!!”
  • 1000-1100 calories nutrition plan?
  • Boring recipes.

Thank goodness I’m a dietitian, because the nutrition plan is kind of lame. Definitely NOT appropriate for breastfeeding mommies or anyone really (in my opinion). I like the message; fitness is nothing without nutrition, but I do not believe in cutting calories so low! How are you supposed to meet your nutrient needs!?

Since I’m nursing, I plan to keep listening to my body and making sure I’m not cutting below 1800 calories (minimum). As much as I want to fit in my jeans the way I used to, I’m not so desperate to deprive my body of nutrients!! No ma’am!!

So here’s my plan;  even though Rev Abs promises 90 days til you get a 6 pack, I don’t need a 6 pack, I just need to fit into my clothes. So that’s MY prerogative. Fit in to my clothes by March 2013!!

WHAT IS YOUR PREROGATIVE? Do you feel like joining me?? Are YOU ready to take on fall weight-loss? Do YOU have what it takes to join me on my journey to LOSE weight through the holidays!? Let’s get started together!

All you have to do is come HERE every day and leave me a comment about what you ate, what workout you did, and how you’re FEELING! Oh and please include if you lost any weight! I’ll be sure to keep up my end of the bargain if YOU DO TOO!!

GOALS we can follow together:

  • Exercise with REV ABS workout schedule or whatever workout plan you decide to take on.
  • Incorporate NEAT exercises (follow the link to read what that entails).
  • Limit one sweet treat/day (<200 calories).
  • Eat when hungry, stop when satisfied.
  • Aim for at LEAST 5-9 fruits and veggies daily!!
  • BE positive! NO negative self-talk!!
  • Lose 1/2 lb at least every other week (more depending on YOUR personal weight-loss goals)!



11 comments to Fall Weight-loss Plan! Who’s With Me?

  • Juli

    I’m getting pretty discouraged over here. I can’t stop eating and I keep making unhealthy choices…almost compulsively. I think I may have gained weight, actually. Our engagement photos arrived last night and I’m like ughhhh I look so fat!

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  • I love you’re goal to eat 5-9 vegetables and fruits a day! :D I agree — lowering your intake below 1800 wouldn’t be good. Do you breastfeed Hannah? I’ve heard you actually burn calories that way (like 500 or so). Right now I’m focusing on building muscle, but I’d be glad to support you! We can get through this holiday season and come out strong. :)

  • I’m in! I think my biggest challenge will be countering the negative self talk but hopefully this is the push we need to see us through…

  • Erica

    This sounds great! You have some awesome ideas and goals here and I would like to join you in this challenge! My goal is to lose 8-10lbs over the next few months and find some new and interesting ways to workout! I mainly just run but I have started going to the gym as well and adding some strength work and workouts on different cradio machines. I’m hoping that mixing it up will help keep my motivation up! I will try and check in here daily and share my progress!

  • Sara

    I’m in! I’m a dietitian too. I finally got my act together and lost 8-10# (depending on the week…you know how that goes) this summer. Those were pounds I was holding on to from my pregnancy 3 1/2 years ago! It feels AMAZING to finally have lost that extra baby weight! My goal is to keep that off and try to lose 4-5# more over the next few months. I’ll try to check in every day.

    I started running in March with the Couch to 5K program and it did wonders for me! I finally found my motivation again! I liked it so much I trained for a 10K and completed that last weekend. Of course after completing a major goal like that I felt like I “deserved” some treats this week…WAY too many treats! Fall is my favorite time of year and I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall foods! I’m nursing a hip flexor injury so running isn’t an option for a couple weeks (boo!) but I’m going to try to take this time to refocus on cross-training…that’s probably how I hurt myself in the first place, got lazy with the cross-training. I love the idea of NEAT exercises – I’ve never heard it called that.

  • I love fall too!!!!

    Sounds like a great plan! I never heard of it but am always up for a challenge!

  • I LOVE the plan!! I’m in for my own version of this challenge: Operation STAY FIT THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS!! Keeping with my workouts, my approach to healthy balanced eating and enjoying without OVERindulging this season. That’s my plan. I dig yours too — we can do this together virtually for sure!!

  • Juli

    I’m with you! Hard to pin down how many pound I need to lose since I keep fluctuating but I’d like to get down to a solid 125 (I’m 5’2″) by February for my wedding gown fitting! Then of course, maintain

  • Cindy

    I’m in! :) Been trying to lose weight since months ago but I lack the motivation (such a shameful thing to admit as a junior dietitian)!

  • I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight, but I would like to cut some of the junk food out of my life (too.much.chocolate). I think that mixing up workouts is important too! I get too bored if I don’t, and then I’m not as motivated!

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