Fit-Spiration Friday!

Now that I’m just a day away from being 4 months out post-pregnancy, I think I’m finally getting my “mojo” back (so to speak). My energy levels are up, my body is feeling healed, and things are starting to shift back to where they were. The only thing weighing me down is my chest, but that won’t change til I’m done nursing. Haha


Since it’s Friday and many of us are prone to Happy Hours, burgers, beers, and fries, I thought I would leave you with a little Fit-Spiration on this Friday. Hopefully you can get home from work, do THIS workout (or something else butt-kicking), and feel inspired to keep it a little extra healthy this weekend!

I did this workout last night and it definitely left my muscles feeling fatigued! Really push out the last 10 minutes and you WILL feel the burn!

What are you waiting for? Just DO it!!!!!!!!!



Cardio Kickbox!



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