4 Month Post-Baby Body and Chobani Winner!

Love me some Hannah.

Me and my bestie :)

4 months.


Still up to her silly antics.



Loves “reading” books and I love listening to her babbles.


A NEW book! Actually got her to be on her belly for!

At 4 months post-baby, I lost another 3 pounds and I am officially 5 pounds away from my goal! I am able to wear 2 of my pairs of jeans (but I still feel slightly uncomfortable in the waist) and I bought my bridesmaid dress in a size 6! I’ll take it!

I tried keeping myself accountable on my Fall Weight-loss and Food journal, but I will admit that I barely remembered to track my eats there; wasn’t too successful.

However, I really enjoy setting a weekly challenge for myself (and anyone else out there who wants to follow along)!! I found the weekly challenges helped to keep me less focused on calories and more focused on health improvement!

This week, I have decided my weekly challenge will entail consuming at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day. Normally, I do this pretty easily, but this week is different. This week, I will be eating out for almost every meal. Even a dietitian has their weaknesses when it comes to a menu full of delicious crap (oxy moron no? ha). Are you in? 

Since I don’t have much time to reflect with you on the past month and because I want to announce the Chobani winner before you lose interest in my ramblings, I will let you know that belly pics will be up tomorrow and be done with it! HAPPY MONDAY!


Katherine D!!



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