Here's a QUICK Way to Make EASY Weekly Meal Plans.

Day TWO Journal.


Yesterday I decided to start a daily journal providing weight-loss help to anyone who wants to know or read what my methods of weight-loss madness entail. In my first entry, I detailed what I do first thing in the morning to take the edge off my hunger. I also discussed how a few simple measurements could cut roughly 100 calories from my morning meal and still leave me satisfied until lunch!

Today, I want to discuss one of the best ways to keep your head in the weight/waist-loss game; healthy meal planning. It’s not a big secret that when you have a plan, you are more likely to stick to said plan. This applies directly to your weekly meal plans. Take about 30 minutes every week and make yourself a meal plan for the week. I like to sit down on a day when I don’t have much going on and peruse cookbooks, blogs, websites, and magazines for new healthy recipes I want to try. When I pick a couple that peak my interest (I don’t go too crazy otherwise I’d blow the grocery budget), I decide what night they work best in the week, add a few typical week night meals (whatever go-to recipes you like), and then I decide on breakfast, lunch, and snacks that involve any of those dinner ingredients (to save money). I categorize my grocery list in to Fruits/Veggies/Grains/Meats/Dairy/Other. I write down what I need to buy underneath each category and then I am prepared to face the temptations at the grocery store.


Once I have all my lovely groceries, I take my meal planning one step further.

Each night I decide what all my meals will tentatively be for the following day. When trying to lose weight/inches, I also jot down a rough caloric estimate. I have found it is best to aim for a LOW calorie range, so that if I eat 100-200 extra calories here or there, I’m not exceeding my actual quota. I also quickly jot down what my exercise will be.

Following this format means there is no guessing the next day. I know what to eat for every meal. If my schedule changes or I’m not in the mood for something I planned, no problem.  I can easily swap in something else with a similar caloric/nutritional content. It takes no time to write, doesn’t have to be fancy or super precise, and makes all the difference in the world when it comes to facing unhealthier food choices throughout the day.

One last thing:

To ensure I am meeting my nutrient needs, I use an online meal tracking program called Vitabot.

As you can see, it is different than most online meal tracking programs because you can actually see if you are being HEALTHY while losing weight. We can all lose weight eating saltine crackers; but are we being healthy!? For just $9.99 a month, I can track my foods, set goals, enter custom foods and recipes (and the program will provide nutritional information), and have access to customized meal plans (if I am too lazy or  unsure of how to make my own to meet my body’s needs). It’s pretty freaking awesome and I highly recommend the program to everyone. It really makes you think.

If this program is something that interests you, please shoot me an email. I would be more than happy to get you a FREE 7-day trial!




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