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Day Three Journal


I love fitness. I have loved fitness since I was about 7 years old. At the time, I didn’t refer to it as “fitness,” necessarily, I referred to it as FUN. My fondest memories of fitness “fun” involved playing tag on the playground, home-run derby in our front yard, soccer in the local kids’ rec league, and swimming at the pool. It didn’t matter how many calories I burned or how many heartbeats per minute. It didn’t matter if it was 20 minutes or 4 hours. I just LOVED being active. What activities did you LOVE as a kid!? Don’t you sometimes wish you could be a kid for ONE day again!? ‘Cause I do!

Even though I gained some poundage in high school, I was still always active and involved in sports. Again, I wasn’t as concerned with being fit as I was with just having fun. When basketball stopped being fun, I quit to join the track team with my best friend. Did I compete? No. I just wanted an excuse to run and have conversation with my best friend.

When I got to college, FUN turned into “fitness.” It stopped being about having FUN and started becoming about losing weight and looking perfect. There was no fun. I was a drone on the treadmill or elliptical. I spent hours at the gym. What was I thinking!?

Thankfully, I’ve wised up since then and fitness has become FUN for me again.

I don’t define myself as anything. I’m not a runner, I’m not a swimmer, I’m not a “cross-fitter,” I’m not a kick-boxer, I’m not a yogi; I’m just a girl looking to move my body in ways that make me feel GOOD (and fit).

I almost never do the same workout in a week and if I feel like lifting 2 days in a row, I do. I break the rules, sometimes I get hurt because of it, but I love my routine (because I have NO routine). If I don’t feel like exercising, I do something else; work in the yard, take Hannah on a walk, clean the house, scrub the bathtub, etc. I keep my body busy, but in a way that feels natural.

Go dancing on a random week night! (yea; brown purse/black top…what was I thinking!?)

When I do have to be sedentary (blogging, working, etc.), I fidget. This is something that has always come naturally for me (I’ve always been a toe-tapper or a knee shaker). But if it’s not natural for you, try to move your body at least once an hour, especially if you have a desk job. These are NEAT activities that will keep your engine burning. Before you know it, you’ll be moving without even thinking about it and losing weight/inches because of it.

One of the best pieces of fitness advice I can give you is to STOP making it about being fit and START making it about being fun. Just because you are supposed to spend 45 minutes on the elliptical doesn’t mean you have to! Go out and find something else to do! Just be active, get your heart-rate up, and have a blast doing it.

Lather up and go swimming. Goofy hats necessary.

The following video is FUN! In fact, I challenge you NOT to have FUN doing this QUICK workout below! Dancing is one of the best ways to be silly, get your heart rate up, and whittle your middle! Try it!! 

Quick Dance Video



3 comments to Make Fitness Fun.

  • Yes, m’am! These pictures and vids are fantastic. this is wonderful weekend motivation. You’re right, it is what you make it! Live, love your passion.

  • I love this post!
    I think so often we talk about the benefits of exercise but often times forget that exercise should be fun. I have started going to zumba and I love it! I love dancing so much and this way I can get in a good workout and have fun!
    When I was a kid, I LOVED going to my friends house cause she had a trampoline. We would jump on it for hours!

  • such great advice!! I have to break the rules sometimes too…especially since I have the baby to look after

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