P.V. Body Workout Fashion. Ellie is HERE!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to P.V. Body. It’s a little company that makes brilliant workout apparel. I love them because they are affordable, cute, functional, really high quality…and they make me want to KICK BUTT at the gym! The company launched a brand new line of clothing this past February. It’s the Ellie line. I was thrilled with the arrival of my brand new top and bottom. I immediately put my new gear on and headed to the gym. I proceeded to have one the of best workouts I’ve had in a REALLY long time. I felt like I looked the part…so why not ACT the part!?

Can we say CUTE!?


Since I love you all SO much, I wanted to share the wealth and let you in on a little savings (or at least something to browse while you are at work…)!


For just $49.95 a month, you can have a new top AND bottom to add to your workout fashion apparel collection every month. BUT the best part, is that if you sign up through me, you will receive 20% off! It’s as simple as clicking: HERE!

With the new Ellie line, members choose their own unique styles and a whole new line of fashion is created every.single. month!??

I don’t know about you but I LOVE workout gear and when it doubles as workout gear AND workout fashion? You cannot go wrong! Not to mention, it’s hard to find high quality exercise apparel for under $50 a piece (sorry Nike, but you are EXPENSIVE!). With P.V. Body it is like getting a two for one deal!


A few warnings:

  1. P.V. Body currently ships in 7-10 business days. It’s a long waiting period, especially when you are awaiting your first arrival! BUT, they are working on shortening their shipping dates.
  2. Sizes run kind of small. If you like looser fitting clothing, it might be best to go with tops and bottoms that are 1-2 sizes larger than you would normally choose.

A few AWESOME things:

  1. Shipping is ALWAYS free.
  2. You can return anything you are dissatisfied with, no questions asked, and return shipping is covered!
  3. You can PAUSE or CANCEL membership at any time!
  4. You will be extra motivated to workout once that package arrives at your doorstep! We all need a little push sometimes!
  5. Did I mention I can get you 20% off? GO HERE:

I personally think they should come out with baby apparel ;)


That’s all for now my friends! Hope you are having a WONDERFUL DAY! TGIF!

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